The journey has ended.

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I am sad to say I have arrived at my destination, sad because the journey, which was pleasurable, has come to an end. This trip was educational and I met many new friends. The saying "Happiness is in the journey" is an element I try to keep in the forefront of my thinking. I think we need to be open to the small moments, receptive to nuances of mood, and we need to avoid the rush to the finish line so that we can savor the events as they unfold.

Where did I go? Who did I meet? What did I learn? I never left my own backyard, but I experienced Hawaii. HUH? You are wondering if I lost some marbles along the way..... no. I am looking at my finished Piper's Journey and thinking how grateful I feel for having found SinglehandedKnits and the Ravelry group attached to that podcast. I am delighted to know the people in the group will be fodder for future projects, patterns, and new yarn sources.

Melissa lives in Hawaii and has created a community of happy knitters.

Two women knitting chatting and changing the knitting world, one show at a time.
Two women on the west coast with delightful stories and many great resources.
Alana Dakos has a charming show with knitter stories and many tales of patterns, projects, and yarn.
I am a member of a local knitter's group and we meet weekly to share stories, patterns, and ideas, and to help each other solve fibery problems. I enjoy the camaraderie and company of these women so much, but I am a voracious type of knitter. I seem to be thinking about knitting most of my awake time.... so many  projects, so little time. This is why I find myself sitting in the company of the Stash and Burn podcast, or the Nevernotknitting show, or Stockinette Zombies. I can knit and listen and be inspired by their WIPs and stash enhancement on the days my local group doesn't meet.

So, my journey knitting the Baltic Piper has ended and I feel sad. It is like when I finish a very long book. I have come to know the characters and the settings and the unfolding of events. I wanted this project to go on and on, just as I sometimes wish for my longer books to do. I have so enjoyed working this pattern; the body of garter stitches lulled me into a calm and happy place. Once I got to the border, I learned a new technique of adding decorative lace to live stitches. It was easy and magical.

I almost, impulsively ripped all the way back to those rows of untouched garter stitch.
I hit a detour at one point and the project sat in timeout for a day or two. I was more than 3/4 finished and realized my lace pattern was out of sequence, I tinked back and thought all was well. That is until I saw the dropped stitches laddering up into 7 rows of the garter body!
Because I had posted in the KAL Group, I was encouraged and advised on how to proceed. I even got a YouTube "fix-it" link from the designer of the pattern, Paula. Talk about support and advice!

Here's the scene of the surgery/picking up the laddered stitches. The marker is four rows below the fixed error.

Here is a picture of it pre-blocking. I will post again after it is blocked. I have a sundress it will go beautifully with, so maybe I will model....


Evelyn said…
Looks gorgeous, E! I really need to cast that beauty on ... I'm in a need of a new project and this just may be THE ONE! xo
Inky077 said…
Just beautiful! You should model it for us!!!!!

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