Jump For Fall KAL

I have found my friend Evelyn to be an enabler of the best kind. I have her to thank for the recent successful KALs that I joined to make my four Wholehearted and Amari Shawls. Now she is hosting a Jump For Fall KAL and I couldn't resist.
Cascade 220 Heathers, from Stitch House
On Saturday I dragged out of stash my pattern, yarn and needles and cast on Levenwick Cardigan by Gudrun Johnston. I had been aching to get a sweater on the needles, but haven't been able to decide which to start. Somehow the call of this gorgeous carrot color (Cascade 220 Heathers) swayed me to choose to begin. Here is the top down progress so far.

I love the Old Shale Lace design in the neck area.
This is a delightful pattern from the Jared Flood Wool People, Vol. 1 Collection. I had picked up the pattern and yarn at Stitch House and never got underway till now. The pattern is beautifully printed on cardstock and the photos, schematics and directions are clear and easy to follow. Can I say I am predicting more of the "Old Shale" lace edging in my knitting future? Who knew a few rows of garter stitch, broken up with a few rows of K2tog and y/o would make such lovely edging? I just recently spied this and intend to queue it up soon.

I haven't worked much with Cascade 220 and I have to crow about how much I love the color, the texture and the stitch definition I am getting. I think I need to stock up on more of this yarn as another workhorse staple. Lucky for those of us living near to Stitch House.... there is a 40% off all Cascade in stock sale for the month of August!!!! I am as unsuccessful with my yarn diet as I am with Weight Watchers.....

So Levenwick is an asymmetrical closure cardigan with reverse stockinette stitches and Old Shale lace edging details. It appears that there will be very little finishing required, some buttons and attaching the pocket, with a few woven ends to do.  I have learned a new way to join yarn and am using it in this project. Here is a link to the how to video on Russian Splice.

I am so enjoying this knit and the fact that I had an uninterrupted Saturday to make headway into this project. I sit and think of colors that I should pair with it once the weather cools. Deep olive, soft cream, even midnight blue. I need to get my sewing machine out and start trolling pattern books. I am trying to live the less is more, quality over quantity wardrobe development. Did you read this post and what did you think? Are you of a mind to try and shop vintage stores? Or have you the skills and bravado to sew your own? Join us! We will be here to lend a hand and advice...


flora said…
love this pattern! can't wait to see the finished sweater!
Erin_in_Boston said…
Thanks Flora! I have just gotten to the point where the stitches for the sleeves are on holders. It will speed thing up now that over one hundred stitches are off the main needles. I hope to add updated pictures to my project page tomorrow. If we have sunny weather, I hope the details will show up better than my indoor shots included above.

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