Piper's Journey, or another shawl I can't stop working on....

Melissa, of Single Handed Knits, made this Piper's Journey and gifted it to a friend. She's started a second one.

If you read my last post about the blog Single Handed Knits, one of the things I mentioned was a KAL, or Knit A Long, for a shawl named Piper's Journey. I love this knit and want you to love it too! Here are a few enticing details.

A. Sport weight yarn, 450-550 yards, size 6 needles.
B. Garter stitch body with interesting and easy increases on each edge. 
C. Rapid growth in short time; like potato chips, I couldn't knit just one row.
D. Interesting knit-on lace border of only 18 stitches, again rapid, easy progress in short order.
E. Result- beautiful shawl that you could wear with that shawl pin you never use.
F. No shawl pin? Then you have a good excuse to shop for one! Ha!
G. If you knit this pattern, you will gain many friends when you join our knit along group on Ravelry. (This link takes you to the photo gallery of the knit along. There is a separate thread for discussion, questions and tips). It is such fun to view the other projects and the colors people choose! You will find help and encouragement there too.
Piper's Journey in Quince yarn, colorway Chickadee.
Paula's Piper's Journey in Chickadee yarn, color Split Pea.
Piper's Journey is a shawl designed by Paula Emons-Fuessle. As I mentioned earlier in the picture captions, it is primarily garter stitch, with easy to make increases. The border is knit in 18 stitch rows where you join to the body of the shawl at the end of each right-side row. The construction is interesting to knit and the progress, for me anyways, went much faster than I anticipated.

My Piper's Journey in Madelinetosh Baltic colorway.
Most of the stitches were on a separate needle as I did increases. This made it less stressful on my wrists
More about the designer- Paula is a knitter and a designer living in Washington, Illinois. She currently has three patterns on Ravelry, two of which are linked to the Quince and Co yarn line. (Quince and Company Yarn is a newer brand of delectable yarn that is produced in the US. There are two LYS that carry it in stock, one is Knit Wit, Portland or Purl Diva, Brunswick, Maine.  (There is  also availability in the UK at Loop). Most knitters order direct online, pay the extra $7.00 for the color card, it is beautiful.
Hyla Brook Shawl, knit by LuciaKnits. Pattern by Paula Emons-Fuessle

Paula recently released Hyla Brook Shawl through Quince and Co. Yarns; you can read more about it here.  Paula's test knitter LuciaKnits used 2 skeins of Quince Tern in the Buoy colorway. This is another shawl pattern made up in garter stitch with some interesting yarnovers that create a lace like design. Important to note that Paula has given instructions for two different edgings, one has more of a ruffled effect, the other is more tailored. I think it will be another easy to make project that contains enough design features to keep you engaged.

Hyla Brook, in Wampum colorway, with a less ruffled edging. Knit by badknitter.
Paula hosts a podcast called KnittingPipeline, where you hear about her life and many interests. This multi talented woman also plays the bagpipes and works as a Longaberger Basket sales rep. Finally, she is currently acting as a benevolent auntie to those of us in the Single Handed Knits Piper's Journey KAL.

Well, that's it for this post. I hope I have whet your interest in joining our Piper's Journey Knit Along, or enticed you to begin following Single Handed Knits and that you've added some new patterns to your queue or favorites tab! Thank you to Paula and to Melissa for allowing me to share their photos of projects with you.


RobinBrz said…
I'm not a knitter, but I see the appeal! Both shawls are just lovely. For some reason I haven't stopped by your blog in a while :( but I'm glad I did today! I like your new(?) header picture - that's quite a needle collection!
Inky077 said…
Quince yarn - so many choices, so little time. Love Paula's designs and podcast - inventive and informative, just like your blog?
Gail said…
I love this post, Erin! I've been seeing these (Piper's Journey shawls) around, and I listened to a Knitter's Pipeline episode about a month ago, but hadn't made the connection! I was curious about the sideways construction of the edging. Thanks for explaining that!
FoFo said…
Absolutely lovely!
Evelyn said…
You've got me smitten, E! I've heard/read others chatting about this pattern and I think I will knit it (soon). Where are photos of your Piper's Journey Shawl? ; )

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