Something to share..... Quick Cowl

Are you looking for some sorbet? I mean an easy but satisfying knit project? Maybe you want something mindless but speedy? Maybe you are stocking up the pile of possible gifts? Maybe you have a skein of expensive bulky yarn and need a showcase that requires only a short amount of yardage? Maybe you love and admire the creativity of the Mason Dixon Knitters and want to pay homage by making this pattern?

I have been working away on a few things, but I am most excited to tell you about a cowl pattern I found. A quick and easy knit comprised of garter stitch, with a slipped stitch at the start of each row and after every three garter ridges, a yarn over row. Bulky yarn and larger needles means it is speedy and the end result  is a great gift or an accessory piece for you.

Icelandic Bright Lights, aka, Schmatta
I present the Schmatta Cowl. I found it on the Mason Dixon blog here. I have this yummy Icelandic bulky yarn from shopping Forest Greener's eBay store. One ball of yarn, cost me only $5.00, and look how it turned out! I used a size 10 1/2 needle and cast on 30 stitches, a modification from the original pattern. I did this because the bulk of this yarn doesn't compare to the bulk of Rasta, the recommended yarn. As the pattern states, you can use this as a recipe and do whatever you like. It is simply a springboard for your creativity.

The edges have a slipped stitch, which gives such a cool finish. Easy to do, too.

Granted this is not truly finished, it still needs some knock out buttons and blocking, but I had to show you this colorful, gloom blocking, warmth insuring project that I know I will be reaching for once the winter doldrums descend.
Another view of the edge.
Ok, so maybe brights aren't your thing. I get it, but guess what? If you have become a frequent visitor to the eBay shop of Forest Greener, check out her black and white and fawn colorway, or the bright blues fading into cream. Trust me, you can't get a better deal in the yarn shops than $5.00 a project (that is, assuming you win the auction).

If we are all there bidding against each other for these beauts, the price might increase.... Or you could use Rasta as the webpage pattern suggests. Just cast on 15 stitches using a size 13 or 15 needle.
Leave me a comment if this project might find its way into your knitting basket.


collegeknitting said…
The cowl looks awesome- it's as bright as sorbet!
Erin_in_Boston said…
Thanks! I love saturated colors, and the yarn looks great in this combo of stitch patterns.
Now to find the right buttons.
Inky077 said…
Tender Buttons out of NYC has some really unique finds!
Inky077 said…
PS: Thought they had an online storefront, but no. I have also found some really cool buttons, one of a kind, at
FoFo said…
Very pretty! Love those colors!
Evelyn said…
Love this cowl ... and I'm a huge fan of the dropped stitch!
flora said…
love the colour! you're right, can't beat $5 for a skein of yarn!

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