When life gives you lemons.... or limes

I was drifting about on Pinterest, you know how you do..... and I found this.

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This blog post gives five reasons to add lemon water to your diet:
  1. It balances your ph.
  2. It gives you a glowing complexion.
  3. It gives you whole digestive track a jumpstart.
  4. It can help with weight loss.
  5. It just might help you kick the caffeine addiction.
It intrigued me. I have been craving slushy citrus drinks all summer. Crystal Light isn't what I want, the chilled juices in the grocery store are either too sweet or there's a metallic aftertaste, so I set out to make my own. Here it is, mostly in photos.

Here are the steps....
Slice ten limes into quarters.
Now using a sharp paring knife carefully slice the pulp from the skin.
I got about a cup of pulp quarters. I squeeze the rinds to get all the juice.
Use a juicer to process the fruit.
Add about two cups water. This pitcher has a device to infuse more fruit flavor, and it adds color.
The traditional method of sweetening is to add equal parts water and sugar and boil until clear.  I used 1 cup of each.
Cool the sugar syrup a bit, add to pitcher with ice, and savor the old fashioned flavor of summer relief. Are you wondering why I did this outside? Only for the photography, lighting is so much better outside. I really did all of it in the cave called kitchen.

It wasn't as big a hit as I expected. Over the weekend, I made a batch with lemons and it went over with more of a hurrah. I used 8 lemons, 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar.

The pitcher is one we found earlier this spring at TJ Maxx. It has a cylinder chilling device which screws into the cover to keep the beverage from getting diluted.


Inky077 said…
Yum! Love the Magic Bullet/Ninja Blender! I have this on my to-do list this summer! Maybe it will make more time for knitting lol.

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