Five Things

The Judith, 19 Vesper Street
 I sit here on the small screen porch of our cottage, The Judith. Gazing out over the rosa rugosa bushes and the greenery, I find pleasure in the simple things.... the sound of mourning doves calling, the roar of surf, the muffled voices of people as they walk down to the beach; that is the soundtrack of life here.  The vacation sun has not warmed us yet, but we are here after a year of anticipation. Tomorrow promises to be a beach day.

Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine
This beach is where I have been vacationing since the age of 16.  My girls have been coming here since they were infants. This summer we're are not the fabulous four as usual; the responsibilities of work have kept two of my chicks at home with promises of enjoying only long weekends together. 

So I am here, on vacation, with limited internet service. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. I am faced with the true depth of my need to have access to the WWW. I  hang my head in acceptance that I should disconnect and just be. It is a humbling feeling.

But.... I am having a hard time accepting this limited connection to my virtual world. Yes, I know I should just kick back and relax and give it up for two weeks, but that will not be happening. In order to accommodate the infrequent ability to log on and load up a post, I have thought about alternatives to my typical entries filled with linkys and updates gleaned through my web surfing. I can create a post on a Word doc, cull photos from my computer files and upload whenever we are near WiFi service. Here goes.....

Five things.....
I will be trying a new approach to blogging over the next week or two.... thinking in sets of five. One day may be five things about me that I want to share, another day may bring five images that resonate with me. Or I might show you five of the places we go when shopping, sightseeing, taking a meal, enjoying ice cream or getting a coffee. I envision visiting five knitting related locations and giving you brief reviews. I want to issue you a side chair invitation to join me on my travels into Portland and the surrounding area.

I am a daughter, a sister, a mum, and a friend.  I love my family, my hometown, and the ever changing weather of New England. I confess to being a very frequent user of my Macbook to visit friends I have met through my current obsession of knitting. I have worked in many different jobs, these days I am a teacher. I continue to seek out challenges that will help me to grow and learn.

The McDonald Clan
Family is the glue that holds me together. I am the oldest of six siblings; my parents raised us with love and their example of living. We were encouraged to do it right and get it done. Each of us kids felt motivated to make our parents proud. That continues to this day.
As a mum, my girls are my world. I have worked hard to raise them with a sense of purpose, a respect for others and an attitude of self-reliance. They continue to make me proud in the strong women they have become.

Strong colors, horizontal lines,  these are soothing to my eyes....

I am a very visual person. As an undergrad, I studied Art History and focused on the Italian Renaissance painters. These days, I find many things in nature that bring me as much pleasure as an afternoon at the MFA, things like the patterns in the ripples of beach sand, frothy wave trailings, and skies streaked with pink, purple and orange at sunset. I am drawn to jewel tones and horizontal stacks of architecture. I am able to recall images seen and details therein. I am an artist working with fiber and dreaming of the time I might dedicate total focus and energy to my work.

My three girls showing support for a favorite family member...
I am a person with a strong belief system. I know that there is a power greater than me; I believe in the Golden Rule and I know that in the end all we need is love. I could go on, but sometimes less is more. This is one of those topics.

Custom Lyndell's birthday cake from my three girls.
I love food, I enjoy cooking and trying new things. It may seem pedestrian to include this in my five things you should know about me, but it is true..... I do love cake!

In closing...
(Cribbed from a note to a virtual friend who lives year round out on the Vineyard, she is my muse, she has urged me to open myself up to you readers and become more familiar, and so I share this with you...)

"That’s all for now. I have a bunch of knitting projects with me, I have three or four books to read, I brought stationery to send a few handwritten notes (thanks Mel of SingeHandedKnits for bringing old fashioned correspondence back). 

I sit here on my porch at the Judith on 19 Vesper Street, with the constant sound of surf in the back ground; the conversations of passersby floats in and out earshot. It is nearly dusk and the hum of a small airplane overhead reminds me of home, but it is much quieter here than in Boston. I have my youngest with me, my middle girl left earlier this afternoon, supervising summer camp kids ends for her on the next Friday. Daughter Number One stayed home this weekend to do hours of computer related work for her new job, she is new to the company and summer vacation isn't yet an option.  It feels so strange to be in this place that we pine for all year and we are not the fabulous foursome.

The transition into a different definition of vacation is a large and tough pill to swallow. But, I am at Higgins, and the hiss of the surf tells me that it will be ok. Plus, I went to Walmart and got me a boogie board. Surf’s up manana!"

Don't worry, be happy....


Gail said…
I really liked this post, Erin! It's nice to learn more about you! Hope you have a wonderful vacation that makes you feel relaxed and recharged.
Erin_in_Boston said…
Thanks Gail! I always wonder about the amount of "Me" to share. Sometimes it is a fine line between sharing and TMI. Thanks for the good vacation wishes!
Cindy said…
Great post! Nice to meet you - virtually. Enjoy the vacation and I hope you "catch a wave" with the boogie board :)
Sorry that your vacations are best friend is going through that herself...her oldest (and only daughter) is a senior in college and son is a they are not joining in as much because of other responsibilities...but she has an 11 year she's good for awhile!

Looks like a great place for vacation...
Inky077 said…
This is a fab post! I love that we are getting to know you! Thanks!

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