Making Monday

Daisies in the morning.
 As I awoke this morning, the sun was streaming through the window and fell upon a number of my WIPs stacked up on my dresser. The harmony and luminosity of colors was something to marvel at; it inspired me to create this post using predominantly just pictures. If you have questions about the individual projects, click the link that will take you to my project page for more info. 

Early morning sun casting long shadows on some of my WIPs.
Amari Hat Trick.

Wholehearted Shawl
Slip Stitch Cowl

Age of Brass and Steam Shawl
The winnings from a drawing on Single Handed Knits, yarn, and notions for two owls.

Handwritten note from Mel of Single Handed Knits.
Above you see a set of two mini skeins and notions to make a little toy. Mel talked about the use of gauge and resulting scale changes in the FO were demonstrated in the three differently sized toys. She is also "bringing paper back" as quipped by Meghan of the Stockinette Zombies podcast. Mel promises to respond to mail sent by SHK viewers.

Mel's Hatchling. She used a set of three owls to demonstrate gauge. By leaving a comment, my name was entered into a drawing for yarn to make my own Hatchling.


Awesome post....I love all the pictures and comments...I bought owl fabric today to back on of my bulletin boards
Enid said…
August has been an active month for you!! I am catching up on blogs so will do general comment here.
The Higgins Beach post was very interesting. Loving the pics above with the WIPs. Giving me ideas for later in year. One item I won't be doing is the owl, or any tot.....they are much too fiddly for me!!!
take care,
RobinBrz said…
You pictures are so pretty. I love finding little bits of loveliness to brighten the day!

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