Thoughts on Thursday

I have been listening to a number of podcasters lately and I love how they lead me to new patterns and yarns... here are a few things that inspired me today.

Imogen and a variation on a theme.
In her blog today, Carrie Bostick Hoge shares a new pattern and offers it for $4.00 for a short time. She uses Quince and Company yarn for her designs. This sweater was knit using Finch.

Imogen Wool, by Carrie Bostick Hoge, image imported from
The short sleeve adult sweater is what I thought I was going to cast on next, but the long sleeve version may win out. This pattern was made using Quince and Company Tern yarn. I found my way to this sweater while browsing kids patterns.
Imogen Tee, by Carrie Bostick Hoge, image imported from
Immie Tee, by Carrie Bostick Hoge, imported from
This is the photo that got me to craving a sweater with intricate lace down the front.

Shift of Focus, pattern by Veera Valimaki
I have been a faithful follower of Mel's podcast and blog since its inception. Each week she shows us patterns and FOs and yarn and button sources with such enthusiasm that it is a sure cure for those who have lost their knitting mojo. Mel filmed one of the episodes wearing the sweater below and it looks stunning. Don't you love how it looks on her? Go to her project page to see what mods she made to the pattern.

Focus Mel, Focus
 Gemini, pattern by Jane Richmond
I know a number of people that are making this sweater, and the Stockinette Zombies are having a KAL through the end of August with prizes to be awarded. Mel also made this and wore it in a recent podcast. I love her modifications to the pattern. She switched needles to increase the gauge, and I love how she left off the cable edging on the hem and the sleeves. The photo below shows the original pattern before mods.

Gemini, by Jane Richmond

KnitGirlls, episode 119
Zwerger Garn Opal Vincent Van Gogh

Zwerger Garn Opal
 The colors in this yarn were inspired by different paintings by Van Gogh. I need to see if any of my LYS carry this so I can select a color to try.

Sock the Vote!

Join the party! Knit a sock with the SingleHandedKnits group.
Go to this link to read about this super cool KAL that Mel has started. Knit a pair of socks based on your party affiliation, are you a Toes Up? or Cuff Down?, or maybe you are Undecided? If you want to join the Green Party, there is still time to search for your pattern and choose a yarn with the color green in it.  Mel has contests, prizes, giveaways and fun discussions in the group. There were yarn kits for purchase but they have sold out, but you can still join the group here.

I am a proud member of the Toe Up party and look forward to finding a pattern to cast on October 1. We'll aim to finish our projects the day before the Presidential election. A super fun idea with loads of positive energy, nothing like the staid and stodgy politics so prevalent on the TV these days.

Edited to add this part.....

KnitGirlls, Fat Squirrel Speaks and My Hope 
So here's the deal... it would seem that this pattern is the next to go viral in my virtual knit world..... it would appear that everybody is casting on this shawl.

LaLaKnit's My Hope
 The pattern is designed by one of the hosts on KnitGirlls and has a dropped stitch element with a knit bead border. I have some Madeleinetosh in stash that just might fit the bill.

Fat Squirrel
I watched Knitgrills and SingleHandedKnits and Stockinette Zombies and they are all mentioning FatSquirrel..... I wondered if it was a dyer, a designer or what? I googled and found the podcast, and sat in wonderment at the level of energy of the host. Trust me, you have to watch, just once. She is so funny, and so excited about yarn.

So, this is just a sample of what I have been perusing and pondering and resisting casting on. (Have you seen how many WIPs I have going??) .... I must focus there before starting anything new, but I can search for yarn, colors and patterns can't I????


WonderWhyGal said…
Wowza! Now I want to listen to podcasts. I love the sweaters you shared and wish I could knit them. hmmm, I may have to join the cuff down in the KAL.
Erin_in_Boston said…
You should totally join us in the Sock the Vote!!!!! Mel has a bunch of fun challenges and prizes for different things sock related.

BTW, if this comment ends up in your email,(I hope I hope), come back to see the extra info I added to the post this morning. A new podcaster and another shawl pattern.

I listen to podcasts as I knit and find so many "breaking news" stories that way..... lol, breaking news in the Knitting World that is.... We need our own network.... could you imagine?

Tune it tonight for the latest.... must go now, last day of summer school.... my vacation officially begins at 12:30!!!!!!!

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