WIP Wednesday #106

Amari Hat Trick, my third shawl from this easy pattern. Picture was taken back at home.
 Helloooooooo from the beach. I have been happily knitting away and enjoying the company of DD#3. My other two are due to arrive this weekend for a graduation party for DD#2. I had been moaning about the interruptions of work at summer school, but now I have free access to my projects and they are many. Don't judge but listen....

Whenever I pack to come up here I bring too much. Do you do that? I bring extra needles, yarn, pattern books, etc. and my family laughs at me. I am truly like the miller's daughter in the Rumplestiltskin story who is given the task of spinning a room full of straw into gold. Daunting piles usually surround me, but not this year. My strategy was to cast on projects at home the week before vacation. And that was all I would bring. I have enough different things to work on, some are mindless, and I do those when I am expected to have a two way conversation with someone..... then there are others that demand more focus.

Amari Hat Trick, my third shawl using this pattern.
 Amari Hat Trick, pattern by Marie Grace Smith
Yarn, Forest Greener worsted
I love the ease of the pattern and the fascination of watching the colors unfold as I knit. Easy peasy; if you have never done a shawl, start with this free pattern. Size 7 needle and 600-700 yards of worsted weight wool. Ok, maybe this isn't the best first project if you are a new knitter, there is increasing to do at the center spine area and edges, and the lace edge will challenge you at first. I succeeded after numerous tries by marking each repeat while knitting the lace edge. PM me if you want advice, or go to the Amari KAL pages for mods and tips.

Piper's Journey again
Piper's Journey Redoux, pattern by Paula Emons-Fuessle
Yarn, Cascade Lana D'Oro
I cast this on one Monday night so I could go to my knit group and get some work done that wouldn't need much of my focus. I am now at the point of doing the lace edge, but I need to go and get a contrasting color yarn. Yup, must visit local yarn shop to get something, possibly in a cream or natural tone, unless I luck out and find something really beautiful that compliments the greenie teal shade of this yarn.

Bridgewater in Citrus, pattern by Jared Flood
Yarn, Classic Elie Silky Alpaca
I am on the downward slope of this central panel. Each row starts with a K2tog, I have 190 stitches on the needles. Slow going due to the fine weight of the yarn and size 4 needles.
I must share that as I worked on this at the beach yesterday, a woman commented on the beauty of the yarn and asked where I was from. Her LYS is Stitch House back home in Dorchester. Small world!

Levenwick in Rust, pattern by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn, Cascade 220 Heathers
I have slowed down on this because I am afraid of the yardage I have to complete this project. If I can't get the same dye lot I will alternate skeins to mask that the colors may vary. I have two full skeins left and 1/2 of another. I am so anxious to get to the hem edge and then be able to start the sleeves. i have about 8 more inches to get to the hem edge. I plan to call Stitch House today and see if they still have this in stock, if not, pray for me as I begin my quest.....

Barley Sugar, pattern by Ysolda Teague
Yarn, Cascade Epiphany
I haven't done much on this yet, I need to start the next section which will be brioche stitch. Brioche is a technique that I have never tried. I hope it goes well. This too is a project where I will need to find another skein or a complimentary yarn. Why is is stash busting makes me need to go to the LYS? Maybe I'm doing things wrong???????

September Circle, pattern by Melissa LaBarre
Yarn, Noro Kureyon Sock
I love this pattern, the Noro however.... it has me concerned that it won't drape well..... but I continue on because the colors are just so pretty as they are formed into waves.....Love this pattern too, and will make again in a  softer yarn.

Wholehearted in Turquoise, pattern by Erika Flory
Yarn, Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton
I hastily cast this on Friday night after I had packed and when, in anticipation of the vacation, couldn't sleep. It is a gift, I think. I hope to get it finished by Saturday.... this weekend. What? You think I can't do that? Hruumph!

Age of Brass and Steam, pattern by Orange Flower
Yarn, Cascade Ultra Pima cotton
This too is a gift, and I am on a deadline to get it done by Friday so that it can be blocked. I had made the Chinook out of this yarn as a gift for the same recipient, but I didn't like the asymmetry of it. It was supposed to be balanced and symmetrical.  Frogged and begun again, on the eve of vacation.

Here is what I picked up today. Sticker shock at the price, but factoring how many patterns I love in it, it will be worth the investment.  More on this tomorrow.

Go to Tami's Amis to see what others are working on this week.


Spinster Beth said…
Wow! You totally when the WIP prize! I have three and thought it was excessive!

The Noro color is beautiful, like the beach ... but I love the browns in the first shawl. And the silky alpaca project reminds me of the sock I'm knitting now with Tofutsies! It's all lovely and I'm envious!
FoFo said…
Lovely projects. I am seriously coveting the yarn in the first picture you posted! What is it????
Sue said…
goodness how can you bear to have so many WIPs it would do my head in. Where to start they all look great
Mujercita said…
If you can't get anymore yarn in that colorway, could you find a complimentary color and do stripes at the bottom of the body and sleeves? That might look nice, and help you stretch your yarn a bit.
iknead2knit said…
Always have a stuffed knitting suitcase whenever I go anywhere and it doesn't matter if I'm going to be gone a day or weeks, it's stuffed to the gills.
bookworm-Mary said…
I love all your shawls, but especially your Age of Brass and Steam progress, as I too am working on that pattern. All your color choices are marvelous! And I like your method for vacation knitting- I'll have to keep that in mind!
Erin_in_Boston said…
Thank you for all of the comments.... I do like have a bunch of things started and I have enough needles that I can indulge and begin a bunch of things. It doesn't make me feel anxious at all, but gives me a variety of things I can do given the setting and the company.
FoFo, the yarn in the tones of brown and butterscotch is from a woman(?, I assume it is a woman??) on ebay called Forest Greener. I did a blog post about her a month or so ago. I love her color sense and the pricing is so good, 500 yards for 9.99. Link to post is here...http://knittinginbeantown.blogspot.com/2012/07/fiber-find-fabulous-colors-frugal.html
Mujercita, I am hoping my LYS still has this colorway in stock, I am away on vacation so I will need to wait til I get home to go check, but that is a great solution! Thanks.
Bookworm Mary, I just cast it off, such a fast knit. Next time I hope to use alpaca or a soft wool. The cotton is nice, but the drape is a tad wilty.
Michelle said…
WOW! The number of WIPs you're juggling makes me feel like a complete slacker! They are all looking beautiful.
FoFo said…
I've tried to search for Forest Greener on ebay and I come up empty. Could it be spelled differently?
Erin_in_Boston said…
FoFo, I just looked up ForestGreener and found this lot of yarn.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pure-wool-yarn-worsted-weight-hand-dyed-blue-and-olive-/310420705234?pt=US_Yarn&hash=item4846840fd2
FoFo said…
Erin thank you so much! I am off to check it out!
FoFo said…
Girl you are gonna get me killed!!! LOL I love her yarn! There are so many colors that I just have to have. I really need some stitch markers too. When my husband shoots me I'm gonna tell him it's your fault ;)))

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