Work in Progress Wednesday #105

Hello friends, I have been toying with some format changes and hope you will give me some feedback. I have been doing the WIP Wednesday and FO Friday posts for a while.  I enjoy rising to the challenge of having things to tell you about, but I fear it has become boring or perhaps sounds like bragging? (I hope not)  I am looking for your input. Do you want to continue to see what is On My Needles or no?  Please, let me know. I do have some new topics in mind, you may see them interspersed with these posts in the very near future.

So, a close, virtual friend has been urging me to share what's happening, here goes.... BTW, Thanks Julie!!!!
Levenwick Cardigan, Pattern by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers
I started this cardigan as a member of Evelyn/Project Stash's Jump for Fall KAL. I love this yarn and the colorway so much. The pattern has been very easy to follow and there is little tedium to the reverse stockinette so far. I do have other things going though, so when I get bored, I switch to a different project. I am doing the waist decrease area now. I have to see if I can get one or two more skeins of this colorway though, a tad nervous about dye lots.........

Piper's Journey Redoux. Pattern by Paula Emons-Fuessle
Yarn: Cascade Lana D'Oro
Come on people, why haven't you started this pattern yet? Trust me, it will become a gift project that you will love to work on. The garter stitch body makes for easy knitting and I started it so I could meet with my knit group and be able to talk and knit and not mess up. Love the yarn, so soft; will be doing a contrast color for the lace border, undecided as to what color....
Ysolda Teague, Saturday Treat
Barley Sugar. Pattern by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Cascade Epiphany
This pattern is in a booklet that I fell for one night at Stitch House knit night. The pattern looks like it will be a long time knitting but the stitch pattern looks lovely. I have not done Brioche stitch yet. I expect I will be a pro at it by cast of time....The yarn is a sweet combination of color, softness and drape. This too is a gamble, I need to locate another skein in this shade. It might require going two toned.... not sure just yet.
September Circle, pattern by Melissa LeBarre
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock
I forget where exactly I first saw this pattern, but I found it when looking for specific projects to showcase some of the Noro in my stash. Have you looked at the details? The lace effect of the pattern and the slow unfolding of the colorway is captivating. I do need to get my Addi clicks from another project because the yarn is a tad tricky to knit with my current circulars. This is a 12 row repeat and half of the rows really require me to focus. The other rows are straight or purl. I do love working this one though. I feel like a little kid wondering what will come next in the rainbow of hues in this skein.

Bridgewater by Jared Flood. Photo imported from
This pattern booklet also contains the Quincy Hat which is garter stitch with a twist.
 Bridgewater in Citrus, pattern by Jared Flood, found in the Brooklyn Tweed pattern booklet.
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns, Silky Alpaca Lace
I have finally turned the corner and am now decreasing a stitch at the start of each row. It is a mindless knit that I need to work on in good lighting but I like the rhythmic pace I can get myself into if I work on it for an hour or two or three. I put up a photo from the pattern booklet so you can see the detail edging. I expect this project may take me quite some time to complete.

 Gemini, No, Aries, pattern by Jane Richmond
Yarn: Fauve by Louisa Harding 
I know  those of you that are monogamous knitters are probably fuming or cursing or have left by now, but yes, I did cast on another project. I really blame Mel of MSkiKnits/SingleHandedKnits. Oh, and the Stockinette Zombies. They made me do it. There is a KAL on the Stockinette Zombies group and after seeing how beautiful Mel's Gemini turned out, well I couldn't help it. Plus, it is busting a nice sized chunk out of deep stash. (I found this yarn when I was first trolling ebay and I scored 8 balls of this ribbon yarn for only 6.00 plus shipping). Uh, yeah. I wasn't able to resist that either. (What is wrong with me???)
I have only swatched so far but I may cast on the neckline edge tonight.
My other purpose in casting on so many different projects this week is that I will be able to spend more time knitting as my summer school job ends in two days and I will be sitting at the beach, toes in the sand breathing deep lung fulls of salty Maine air soon. And I will have no agenda, no deadlines, no "need to dos" stopping me from what I love best.The decision as to what patterns/needles/yarn to pack will have been made for me.

Amari Hat Trick, pattern by Marie Grace Smith
Yarn: Forest Greener
Hat Trick because it is my third version using this pattern. Ok, did I need to start another shawl, really? Well, yes, as a matter of fact, yes! I was caking up all that I have ordered from Forest Greener and this was pleading with me to become a shawl. I do love the ease of stockinette and garter stitch. I can do some socializing and not mess up.

Here is a shot of the cakes I made last weekend. Oooh how much do I love the colors Forest Greener combines......
So remember, please leave a brief comment if you are tired of my WIPs and FOs. I miss hearing from people. Maybe everyone is away at the beach??????
If you want to see what is happening in other knitter's projects, go take a peek here.


Contessa said…
I am in utter awe of all your projects!!! Love the colors, and the patterns! :)
Bashful Knitter said…
I love all your posts. They truly inspire me, please continue posting your projects in all their color and glory. They are begging to be shared.
Enid said…
I like to see your WIPs and FOs. They are interesting and colourful.
Me? I am currently knitting hats and squares for charity, or working on baby items.
Erin_in_Boston said…
Thank yous to Contessa, Bashful Knitter and Enid. I haven't had many comments lately and have been concerned that my many projects were less than inspiring. As for the color palette, I have said it before and will repeat it here, I love the rich saturated hues of stained glass windows/ Red is one of my colors, but lately it seems I gravitate towards olives and teals.
I know I like to read blogs that guide me to new patterns and yarns, designers whose work really appeals to me and to projects that push me to learn a new skill or technique. Thanks!
Inky077 said…
Oooo, the color choices are amazing. Does Forest Greener sell off stash or dye yarn as well? I love seeing what others are doing; it helps inspire me to find a new pattern or try one of your choosing.
First...I love the picture in your banner of all the needles! It's so clever and cool! You have some gorgeous knitting going on!
Crafty Intrigue said…
I love the pattern, Pipers Journey. I just added it to my queue.
Wow, you have so many WIPs. Mind you so do I but I don't work on them all at once. If I photographed all of mine it might make a mighty list too. I think doing blog posts as well as doing WIP Wednesday and FO Friday is a good thing. I think you also don't have to do those two posts every week either. Do what suits you as and when and if it coincides with a meme then hook it up.
Evelyn said…
All your WIPs are fantastic and varied. Happy beach knitting, E! That's exactly what I'm doing right now on the Ourt Banks! Wheeeee! xo
Cleo said…
The September Circle is verrrry pretty! All your wips look great though.
Erin_in_Boston said…
Inky, I am not sure if she sells those things, I just search for the shop and check out what is currently offered. I make a habit of putting it in my watched list; even if I don't bid on it, I get an alert when she puts it back in the shop later on.

Sudden Expression, thank you, I collect vintage needles and the antique bottles were from when I was a teenager and we lived across the road from a dump from many, many years ago. I know it sounds gross, but the stuff had been there so long it was like an archaeological dig! I loved my old banner which was a photo taken of the Zakim Bridge at night.

Crafty Intrigue, you will love making that shawl. If you want extra input and views of many FOs, check out the Single Handed Knits Ravelry group. You will be inspired to make many more I think.

Stitched Together, I am glad to know you have many things OTNs, I often get a bunch of things started just so I can bring easier knits with me when I commute or go to knit night. As for the two memes I have been doing, I may do them less often and start some new topics. I will be off from summer school starting tomorrow and I hope to give it a go very soon.

Evelyn, thanks for the positives, I hope your trip to the Outer Banks has been relaxing and fun.

Thanks Cleo, I saw the September Circle pattern and knew I had to dig out some Noro to make it. I love the pattern, but need Addi Lace to make the double decrease a tad easier. Thanks!
Cindy said…
I have been following your blog for a few months and loving the way you use colors. As a newcomer to knitting, the WIP's are good for me to see the starting points ....intimidating and encouraging at the same time. Thanks and hope you continue.

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