Sunday- Thankful for the encouragement of friends

Do you mind if I share the quagmires that hit me? Does it annoy you to have to hear aboout the things that make me stumble? I apologize if the last few posts expose too much of the ennui and confusion I'm enduring while being off my knitting routine, but I must acknowledge the outreach of friends and readers in the blogosphere who have offered encouragement, advice, and a lifeline.

Thank you to the friends I have made through blogging- Evelyn, Julie, friends from Ravelry's Blogging Hub forum, readers, members of my local knit group... each in their own way, these women  have helped me to re-frame the perceptions I have been having. I know that the desire to knit will return, I know the WIPs and future FOs are awaiting my attention. I tried resume life as I know it by writing a WIP Wednesday post but the momentum wasn't sustainable. I have been trying to abide by the  "fake it till you make it" creed and it that wasn't working. That is until Saturday.

Yesterday I received a Ravelry email with a request,, better to call it an assignment. Julie knows how much it has been bugging me to be off of my routine, both at work, at home, and in my knitting.

She wrote that I should go out and shoot some photos that I could use in a blog post as a springboard. And if that didn't work I was to open the pattern she gifted me. So, this woman who lives out on the Vineyard, Inky077 aka Julie, my virtual friend whom I have never formally met, my blogging sister, my Ravelry email correspondence partner and my knitting go-to, well she has thrown me a life preserver. And. I. caught. it.

Does Paula Emons-Fuessle know she is the knitting whisperer? Does she have some formal degree that allows her to dispense patterns as antidotes to knitters in need of stress release? How does she weave the magic of bliss into her patterns? Is it intentional or just happenstance? Whatever... all I can say is I am here to testify to the effects of her patterns on me. Julie's mailed pattern, suggestion of fiber, and the lure of doing a friendly KAL had snapped me out of the trance of lost mojo.

I recently knit two shawls in her Piper's Journey pattern and thoroughly enjoyed both projects. Now I am praising the revival effects of Ellison Bay. I had seen it recently in the Quince emails about pattern releases but who knew it could resurrect the languishing knitting desire?

Ellison Bay by Paula Emons-Fuessle

I am using some yarn donated by a work colleague.... I didn't need to go to the LYS to get underway... don't you love having stash??

Here is the progress made so far. Love this knit!

Julie is using the same fiber and she intends to give her project to someone special as a birthday gift. I don't have plans to give mine away yet. It might just be the shawl I drape over my chair as a reminder that hope is never lost... it is just sometimes hiding under the flotsam and jetsam of daily life.


How wonderful our blogging and Ravelry friends are. What we do without them? I'm so pleased you were tempted into a lovely knit and it conjured up your desire to blog. When we love a project we can't shut up about it to all and sundry and that includes blogland! Its a lovely sweet pattern, simple and quietly spoken in it's garter stitch beauty. I can't think of a better pattern to have me scurrying to my needles after a break.

Enjoy your knit!
Sarah from Ctown said…
Since I haven't seen you, I never told you I wound up ripping my first piper all the way back to the beginning - for the second time. Now this pattern is calling to me as well! Must pace myself - piper first, then new things :)

Glad to see you're making your way back on track. I was starting to get concerned that I'd somehow snitched your mojo with all the projects I've recently queued!
Evelyn said…
What would we do without out knitting/blogging friends!? While I wish that we lived closer so to be able to knit and drink a lovely cuppa together whenever we felt like it, I love our friendship regardless! Hmmm, I haven't cast on a shawl in a while so I may need to take a look at this gorgeous pattern!

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