WIP Wednesday #110

Works in Progress
I have not been knitting much, but progress has been made and will be mentioned.

Levenwick, pattern by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn, Cascade 220 Heathers
This project is slogging along. I am on the second sleeve which I decided to knit flat and seam later; I was just not getting good knits on the tubular approach. After I read about some of the mods that the author of the blog Knitigating Circumstances discussed, I decided to knit the sleeves flat to avoid laddering and uneven stitches. While that helps me to complete this project, knitting in a tube is a skill I do need to master. I had similar issues when working on my Tea Leaves cardigan.

Piper's Journey
Piper's Journey Redux, pattern by Paula Emmons-Fuessle
Yarn, Cascade Lana D'Oro, Lamb's Pride
This is such a fun knit. The pattern is easy to memorize and that makes the work comforting and rewarding. I was stalled when I ran out of the Lana D'Oro, but Stitch House came to the rescue with a matching skein of Cascade Alpaca. I added the off white stripe and am still not sure if I love it. It makes me think of rugby shirts. I have only about 50 stitches of lace border and then I can block this baby.

Bridgewater in Citrus
Bridegwater in Citrus, pattern by Jared Flood
Yarn, Classic Elite Yarn Silky Alpaca Lace
I have been working on this for quite some time, the garter stitch center panel seems to go on and on and on. I chose this project for its complexity, must devote some serious hours each week to get to the next step.

September Circle
September Circle, pattern by Melissa LeBarre
Yarn, Noro Kureyon Sock
I do love the stitch pattern of this cowl and when I pick it up, I do get through at least two 12 row repeats. I am not so sure about the yarn though. I expect to make this again with a softer fiber.

Foxgloves, pattern by Clara Parkes
Yarn, Tidal Yarns
The vlog that I watch weekly has a local fiber KAL happening for the next 6 weeks. Amy, of The Fat Squirrel Speaks blog, is the master of ceremonies of the Lo-KAL event. She urges participants to select a locally produced fiber, post a photo of the yarn and pattern, and then share some info on the source.

The local yarn I'm using for Fat Squirrel's Lo-KAL.

Patricia's Tidal Yarns booth at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.
I chose to use Tidal Yarns, a line of fiber produced by my beach friend Patricia. She works out her home in Old Lyme Connecticut. The fibers are from local farms and is cleaned and spun in the area. She uses natural dying materials for rustic colorways. I do love the "grellow" color and the texture of the yarn. As my friend Evelyn of Project Stash noted in a PM, it has a certain "crunch"to it, but I love that yarn. I just don't think I did well matching fiber to pattern. This is probably going to be frogged and will turn into socks or a cowl.

Amari Hat Trick, pattern by Marie Grace Smith
Yarn, Forest Greener worsted
I love this pattern and it is the third time I have made it, but the weight of the yarn is not giving me the hand or drape that I was hoping for, this will probably be frogged. The yarn may become a cowl or a couple of hats.

Slip Stitch Cowl
Slip Stitch Cowl, pattern by  Valerie Zumwalt
Yarn, Noro Taiyo
I love the way the Noro colors flow from one hue to another and the pattern is easy to follow, but again, I think I may have chosen the wrong fiber for the pattern.....again..... Frog pond here we come?

These project fails may be contributing to my lost knitting mojo....

Bookmarks for Sock the Vote
Sock the Vote Challenge #3
Bookmark Trio, pattern by Megan Goodacre
Yarn, Forest Greener fingering weight
Challenge issued, knit a strip that is 1 1/2 inches wide and 6 inches long. No other directives were given. Later it turns out that we are making bookmarks to be handed out to aspiring readers! Yay! I love that concept. Pattern is easy, project is quick and this may become a good thing to have set aside for simple Christmas gifts.

Garter Stitch Bookmark
Horseshoe Bookmark
 My final projects are for Sock the Vote. Melissa, of the vlog Single Handed Knits, has had us working on small projects as we wait for the delivery of our fiber kits. I am in the Toe'd party and need to find a good toe up pattern for the yarn that will come from the dye pots of Space Cadet Creations. Mel will be shipping our kits out this Saturday, we cast on our socks on October 1 and have a little over one month to complete the project. You can join Mel's Ravelry group and read more if you go here.

So, in an attempt to kick start my knitting again, I am going through the motions of WIPs Wednesday. Still not feelin' the knit mojo. Perhaps I should take myself to Windsor with the $20 gift certificate a colleague gifted me....? Hmmmm
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Sarah M said…
For the record, I love the stripe in the Piper :) And I hope I get to see you again soon! How are you liking the Noro? I love the colors they produce but I can never seem to get past the feel of the yarn and think I would hate working with it...
Ness said…
Everything looks lovely, but I'm especially keeping my eye on your Levenwick! There are a few things you can do to avoid laddering and uneven stitches when working in the round. For reverse-stockinette items, knit them inside out (so you don't have to purl). For me, having an equalnumber of stitches on all dpns always helps and tugging the second stitch after the join tight (not the first!) tends to fix laddering too. And, of course, the more you do it, the better you get at it. In any case, it looks absolutely lovely so far!
Inky077 said…
OOOO, the Foxglove pattern - putting it on my to-do list! The yarn looks perfect for the pattern. And I also agree with Sarah M, the stripe is very kick a**. So Bold and a brilliant move on your part - really punches up the lines of the design. Well done, you. :)

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