Blogtoberfest, Day Five

Ellison Bay by Paula Emons- Fuessle
Paula Emons-Fuessle is a designer of knitwear, a podcaster/blogger and a piper. Ellison Bay is primarily garter stitch with an interesting yarn over at the seams. The border is a twisted stitch that I found addictive. If you are worried that it will be difficult, please reconsider. I found the pattern is easy to follow and I made the shawl in a week. It was such fun to knit. I had been languishing in the limbo of having lost my knitting mojo. Lucky for me I have friends who throw me a life preserver. Thanks Julie!

Blogtoberfest, Day Five
You don't need a lot of words.
(This is from Kat's blog, I Saw You Dancing).

You don't need to write a lot, on your blog or in your life. But there is a lot of power in writing often. And this doesn't have to be a formal exercise, or a chore.

Here is my attempt at brevity. (Those that know me are probably rolling on the floor right now).

The stitches were cast on, she sipped her latte as the pattern pages fluttered in the soft September breeze.
The peaceful rhythm of the needles and the flow of the woolen fiber brought comfort.
While reflecting on the events of the day, the stress sloughed off, the awareness that each day starts anew brought with it a sense of gratitude, relief, and optimism. Each day is a gift.


Inky077 said…
Very nice! I like your creative sense of observation (and I wasn't rolling on the floor, ha!).

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