Blogtoberfest Day Four, a painting prompt

Braided Band Coronet, by Alexandra Virgiel

I am going to share my theme for the month with you. Each post will start with a photo of something I have made recently.

This hat was a fun knit. Coronet starts with knitting the braid band, and then stitches are picked up from that edge and knit upwards. I used Lamb's Pride worsted weight and it took less than a skein. The model is my eldest daughter, Michaela.

Blogtoberfest, Day 4
Paula of the HappySnappy blog put together the prompt for today's post.

Do you have a favourite painting at home?
Did you buy it? Then blog when, where, with whom. What called you to it?
Did you paint it yourself? Tell us about your inspiration and techniques.
Was it a gift? Describe the moment and the relationship with the person who gifted it.

I am not much for hanging things at my house. I have a few prints of paintings but I can't get very good images of them due to glare from the glass.

One of my favorite prints shows a photo of beach cottages that has been Photoshopped so it looks like watercolor. It is actually a set of note cards created by a photographer at Higgins Beach, Scarborough, Maine. I bought the cards while on vacation a few years ago and picked up the frames the same weekend. These cottages represent fond memories of growing up as a two or three week "resident" of this little beach community in Southern Maine. We began renting cottages there when I was 16; I have continued the tradition with my girls. It is a place of serenity, peacefulness, salty air and warm sunshine. The beach is long and the vistas are so soothing. I should attempt a watercolor of the Judith myself the next time we vacation there, but I am not so confident it will capture the essence of the beach as well as these prints do.



Inky077 said…
Love that hat pattern. For some reason, I haven't been able to knit this kind of band pattern without the gauge blowing up or something. I think it has to do with picking up every stitch, and the edge flaring as a result? Any suggestions?
Cute hat and beautiful model. Love her calm gaze.
Thanks for participating with my prompt!
I looked at the prints because the houses looked so "real" until you explained the technique and it all made sense. :D

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