Blogtoberfest, the first three days...

Snappy Hat, by Corrina Ferguson
Each post will start with an image of a knitting project. This one was a very quick knit and I made it for Christmas gifts.

I participated in this blogging event last year and found it invigorating and informative. This year the list of participants is up to 279. Imagine the new blogs you might discover?

I have not entered a post for the first three days, (head hanging a bit for shame...).

Here are the topics for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...

1. Set an Intention.
I plan to write a brief post daily, using the prompt or topic suggested by our host Kat, of the blog I Saw You Dancing. I will also vist at least three different blogs each day and create a list the I will suggest on my blog, complete with a tempting quote or topic or idea that I discovered there.

2. Consider adopting a theme to unify your posts for this month, suggested by Cherie of the blog, Waste Do Not Want. Go check out the photo of Cherie's favorite things here. This might take me a bit of pondering, revisit to see how I do with a unifying theme.

3. Worthiness Wednesday. The topic is music, what plays in your inner auditorium? Do you have a go to song that cheers you or one that causes memories to flood back in with all of the sensations of that time?
Here's my choice for you to enjoy. Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers.


Belinda said…
Good luck with Blogtober! It's a lot of fun.

My song is Grizzly Bears Two Weeks - I just cannot listen to it enough times. It's gorgeous and evocative.
I hadn't joined yet.....but have considered it....and will probably join tomorrow...
Bron said…
Nice to pop in and say hello have made a nice start.x
Inky077 said…
I am so glad you introduced me to this group - I love their van sessions! She has an amazing voice.

As for the Fest - I say just go for it - right from the hip!

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