Blogtoberfest12, Day Eight, a few days late

Braided Swirl Tam, by Lijuan Jing

Braided Swirl Tam, fiber Jojoland Fantasia
In keeping with the theme to begin with a recent FO, I want to share this hat with you. It is knit with Fantasia, a slow color change yarn from Jojoland. When I first saw it, I was puzzled by the construction. It is knit in wedges and is the closest thing I have come to Lay's potato chip knitting. I just couldn't stop! The skills involved include provisional cast on, cables, picking up stitches and kitchener stitch. I know, I know.... if you don't know how to do those skills it could be intimidating. But.... it could also be a nice project to practice and learn those skills. Just sayin... I loved this pattern so much I got a second skein of the Fantasia in a different colorway. (Soon to be on the needles).

Blogtoberfest 2012, hoop in and read something new.
Day Eight
Try a magpie! 
This is a snippet of Kat's prompt for day eight:

Earlier this year, I participated in a read-along of the book Inner Excavation by Liz Lamoreux. One of the wonderful exercises she recommended in her book is a word toolbox.

I had assumed this exercise would be time consuming and a little tedious, but once I got started I had a lot of fun with it. It struck me as a great way of getting started if you’re not sure to write. It was also a really intriguing (and slightly spooky!) way of receiving a message from the Universe.

Did you ever hear the one about Andrea Scher playing “magpie” by opening a dictionary and alighting on the word “sark”? The artist and author Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy aka SARK soon became her employer, creative mentor and dear friend.

One time, prompted by another excellent book, I opened up every book on my bedside table to page 56, to see the secrets each author wanted to impart.

How about spending half an hour today making and filling a toolbox for those days when you need a little bloggy inspiration? Or why not give magpie a try?

So my version of magpie will be to open a book to page 38 and plant my finger on the page, with eyes closed, and see what kind of list is generated.
Here's the word toolbox list with the book I found it in:
verbs first                 praying        (Fire and Roses)
                                 wins             (Word Geek)
                                 slept             (The Cape Ann)
                                 wanting        (Cloud Nine)
                                 notice           (The Third Angel)
                                 hoping          (Probable Future)
                                 permit           (Under the Tuscan Sun)
                                 pigeonholed (The Glass Castle)
nouns                        garlands       (Knit the Season)
                                 Boston          (Evening)
                                 basement       (Cat's Cradle)
                                 window         (Total Money Makeover)
                                 rings              (Stop Time)
                                 world             (Siddhartha)
adjectives, interestingly, only one of these...
                                 lovingly        (Yarn Harlot)

So now that I have a list, I need to think on it. I am not a poet and really don't like poetry, so that form of written expression is not an option. I do think that many of the words resonate with me in ways that are descriptive and fitting. Try doing this and see what your word list reveals. I'm hoping you still have actual books at your house. I guess you could just swipe and point if you don't, but there is something of the senses that you'll be missing.


Carol said…
That's alot of books! This is an intriguing idea - you seem to be doing a great job with Blogtoberfest - hang in there!
Larissa said…
The colours on that hat are lovely :)

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