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FO Friday
The eight Finished Objects that you see below have been cast off in the past three or four weeks. I have made many cowls for gifts, and I am looking for the next pattern to replace the Gap-Tastic Cowl. I think I have made seven or eight of that pattern over the last two years and everyone loves the style, but honestly, even though I love seed stitch, knitting this pattern is trance inducing. So, I am looking for the next popular style.

As I search my Ravelry Favorites for ideas, I found really nice projects that I had forgotten I had queued. I enjoyed making the Birthday Cake Cowl, the Turbines Cowl and the Mid-December Easy Knit Infinity Cowl. I am currently working on the Infinitude Scarf, a new WIP for this week that I find interesting. Do you have a favorite cowl pattern that is a fairly quick knit for gift giving? Please share in the comments below.

Noro Seyfert
Noro Seyfert Cowl
Pattern by Norah Gaughan, free at the Berroco website.
This cowl project was made with one skein of Noro Taiyo on size 11 needles.
This is a speedy, "nice gift" kinda pattern that I found at Windsor Button. I think using self-striping or gradient yarn is the best  showcase of the stitch design, but I'll bet it will look good in solids too. It was two evenings of knitting while listening to podcasts.

Intersections Break
Intersections Break Hat
Pattern by Mel, Mskiknits, of Single Handed Knits podcast.
I made this hat project using yarn from deep in the stash, Lion Brand Wool-Ease on size 9 needles.
This is a pattern designed by the host of Single Handed Knits podcast. It is an easy to follow pattern and not a bad idea for a "first time" cable project. It is a pattern I expect to use often, for gifts and for the "hat" basket at my house.

Ribbed Cowl. That smile belongs to my mum.
Ribbed Cowl
Pattern name is Mid-December Easy Knit Infinity Scarf by A Crafty House.
My project was made with two skeins of Lion Brand Hometown on size 19 needles.
I have to share that I made this cowl on the ride to Maine on Thanksgiving day. I think it may have been an extra hour of knitting at my mum's before I cast off, but it was quick and easy, and the stitch pattern is so sculptural and beautiful. I made it for my sister Jackie.

Birthday Cake Cowl
Birthday Cake Cowl
Pattern by Christina Wall.
This project was made with one skein of Red Heart Strata on size 8 needles.
I can't say I love this; the fiber, if it can be called "fiber" is not very cozy. I have plans to cast on another using some of the Icelandic hand-dyed wool I bought from Forest Greener. Watch for it next week.

Turbines Cowl
Turbines (a cowl)
Pattern by Sandra D. Carter.
This project was made with less than one skein of Vanna's Choice, (340 yards/200 grams) on size 8 needles.
One of the great things about this design is how the stitch patterns switches up. I knit garter for a bit, and then did the slanted stitch for a bit, and then back to garter.... so it was engaging but not taxing. The end result is so pretty and my girls have suggested making the next one wider, as in the GapTastic.

Keyhole Scarflette
Midnight Blues Keyhole Scarflette
Pattern by Melanie Tindale.
This short scarf project was made with yarn from deep stash, Lion Brand Wool-Ease on size 11 needles.
I made a number of these for last year's school craft fair. They were a hit and so I did another. I would love to play with the original design, but bulk it up Gaptastic style, wider, and longer and more snuggly. I'll share notes when I get a result I like.

My First Cowl Pattern
First Pattern Cowl
Pattern by me, not yet up on Ravelry.
This bulky cowl project was made with two skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky on size 15 needles.
This idea came to me as I bemoaned the challenge of guessing the length of my infinity cowls when they are on my 24" cable needles. I admit I could have used a lifeline and taken the project off the needles to see how big it was, but in the name of expediency, that rarely happens. This cowl is knit flat and then either seamed or buttoned. (I will post the FO pix as soon as it finishes drying.)

Gaptastic Cowl
Melissa's Gaptastic Cowl
Pattern by Jen Geigley.
This commissioned cowl project was made using four skeins of Lion Brand Hometown on size 15 needles.
This is the pattern that my girls and their friends keep pleading for. I don't mind it all that much, because if you use bulky yarn and big needles, it does go relatively quickly, but I sometimes feel like I will never get to the point of bind off. BTW, I suggest, strongly, that you do a long tail cast on and a loose bind off for best results.


Enid said…
lovely finished projects, and a nice smile on Mom!!!!
I am not a regular cowl make; only done 2, I think.
after making 2 hat/scarf sets for gifts, I am back to charity items. a crochet blanket for Preemies, and a hoodie for Soth African orphan
Fantastic cowls! I've made quite a few crocheted ones, but only one or two knitted versions....I tend to just wing it, as I go...
kate said…
Wow, they are all great. I love the Turbines and Gaptastic ones especially.

I've only made two, my favourite was a million stripes loop. It's a striped tube that's knit in the round then grafted closed. Mine is in alpaca and is deliciously cosy.
Love the Turbines Cowl. Blog hopping this morning before work and thought I'd say hello. :)
Nancy McCarroll said…
Lots of pretty FO for Friday!

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