Shopping Saturday

Downtown Crossing, Washington Street, Boston, MA
Shopping Saturday
I took myself out for a breakfast of Townie Toast at the Grasshopper, our local breakfast place, and then headed downtown for a bit of sightseeing and shopping. The weather was chilly and flakes flurried about throughout the day. I found so many great photos, here are a few I snapped as I walked. Gotta love the resolution of my phone's camera, eh?

Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown
Long view of the two clocks.
Christmas Tree at Quincy Market with the Custom House Tower in the background.
Rowan Colorscape yarn, Windsor Button
Last of the Zauberball sock collection in this color family.
I promise to elaborate more on some of the ideas I gleaned from my visit to Susan at Windsor Button. I saw an amazing shawl knit in hexagons from Jojoland fingering weight, a cowl made with the Rowan Color-scape and I was sorely tempted to but a skein of Dream in Color Starry for a gift. More later today, I have an FO to share, I just need to get some good photos.


Inky077 said…
Oh to be in Beantown for the holidays! So festive - I felt like I was right there with you, feeling the hustle and bustle of the city on a Saturday in winter. :) Btw, I covet that Zaurball sock yarn - what was it like close up? I haven't ever splurged on it, but plan to. Sounds like you are into the swing of things knitting-wise for the holidays - do share!
Erin_in_Boston said…
I really enjoyed myself Saturday; it was a home-alone weekend for me and so I tried so very hard to relish in the quiet and autonomy! I walked quite a bit and snapped quite a few photos, I've saved a couple for the next post.
I bought the Zauberball and may use it for another Wholehearted Shawl for myself. How I love those colors, it is soft and squishy with just a tad of a linen-y feel to it.
Great pictures! Ya' know I've gone to NYC to see the decorations and shop, but I don' think I've ever been to Boston at this time of the must be beautiful!

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