indigodragonfly Have you joined a yarn club yet?

This is the photo club members are asked to use when they update their Ravelry stash.
indigodragonfly Yarn Club- Smart Ass Knitters of World Domination

Indigodragonfly is an independent dyeing company run by Kim McBrien in Haliburton Highlands, Ontario Canada. She often teaches classes at Shall We Knit, a yarn shop in Waterloo, Ontario. I recall reading that she does dyeing workshops in Haliburton during the summer months, but I'm sorry to say I can't seem to trace my steps back to that info.

I am writing about being a member of the Smart Ass Knitter of World Domination now because I have had my packages for a bit and I wanted to share the idea of joining a yarn club with you. Why would one join a yarn club?

Perhaps you like getting packages in the mail, filled with surprises in the way of color, fiber and weight of yarn. Maybe you enjoy having a fiber/yarn that is the envy of your knitting friends? Or, maybe you join a yarn club as a way to support the endeavors of a smaller indie dyer.

My reasoning behind joining was mostly because I was so smitten with the names of their colorways; colors like Fringe over Troubled Waters, Well Put Me On the Short Bus and Send Me Off to Clueless School, or You Punched the Highlights Outta Her Hair! (This blog post lists some of the top colorways for 2012). The colors themselves are saturated and brilliant semi solids or tonals. I love the idea of being surprised with a package containing such vibrant fiber, a pattern, and some swag to go with it.

As a member of this club we receive yarn, a pattern and swag every other month. The colorways are exclusive to the club members for ten months before being open to orders from the general knitting world. Same is true for the patterns. Here's what I have received so far.

Bleats, Shoots and Leaves, pattern High Plains Drifter.
June: Fiber called Bleats, Shoots and Leaves, in the Baldersquash colorway, is 400 yards/100 grams of fingering weight yarn composed of 65% merino, 20% bamboo, and 15% silk. The pattern for this month is a sock called Baldersquash, by Deb Barnhill. For swag we got a cool ceramic magnet with an ink drawing of a ball of yarn.

Baldersquash by Deb Barnhill, image imported from
August: The next package arrived with this yarn and a pattern for a shawl. Indigodragonfly's MCN lace is made up of 80% merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon, 600 yards in a 115 gram skein. The pattern for this month is Jagged Edge. This pattern is not going to be available for download on Ravelry until June 2013. The design has a cool feature of customizing the edging. By rolling a die, included in the pattern, you can randomize the edges to make the shawl unique to you.

When Life Gives You Lemmings, Duck! Laceweight.
Jagged Edge, by Meghan Jackson, available for download June 2013.
October: This package contained two skeins of gorgeous MCN Superwash (Merino, 130 yards, 50 grams) and safety eyes to make Nerwin and Batmeanie, a pattern that is not currently available on Ravelry. The solid purple, called Violet Endings, is to be used to make the monster and then, Monster Mash, a variegated blues to purple, to make a monster sweater.

Monster Mash colorway on top, Violet Ending on bottom.
December: This month's package was tiny and I wondered if there had been a mistake until I opened it. Inside I found two beautiful skeins of laceweight yarn (Lace d' Italia, 100% silk, 100 grams/840 yards and MCN Lace, 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon, 115 grams/600 yards) in the colorway, Ringo Was the Talented One, and packets of beads. The pattern for this month is Come Together by Laura Nelkin. Perhaps you've seen some of the jewelry she makes and the book recently released called Adorn. There is one project page that shows how this item turned out, knit by JustWant2Knit.

Come Together, knit by JustWant2Knit, picture used with permission.

December's kit.
So that's the haul I have amassed by being in this club. There are so many different yarn clubs to consider joining. I have to admit, I have only caked one skein of the yarn club supply and I am using it to make High Plains Drifter Shawl. The other patterns and yarns sit in a basket near my work table, lending beauty and inspiration to my knitting space.
Three Irish Girls is the one that comes to mind. But then that would be a whole 'nother post.... maybe next week?


Carol said…
I am so envious, but I already have more projects than I can manage and Stitches will be here in California in a few weeks! So many projects and so little time!

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