Knitting all the cowls... an answer.

Knitting all the Cowls
I posted this photo last Friday and I have had a number of questions about the green cowl with the vintage buttons.

This cowl was made at least four years ago and it was one of my first attempts at knititng cables. The free pattern is called Envy by John Brinegar. I love the patterns by this designer, his patterns are often found in Vogue Knitting magazine. I have mentioned him here and did a  blog post about him if you'd like to see more of his designs.

My Green with Envy was made as a gift for my daughter Catherine. The vintage buttons are from a button box that my nana left us. The yarn was probably a Lion Brand Thick and Quick or perhaps Alpine Wool, I was not making project pages at that time, so I can't say for sure.

Envy Scarf in Chocolate
I did make a number of these and here are a few of the variations that I saved in a project page.

Envy in Seaglass

Envy in Aran


WonderWhyGal said…
I adore the vintage buttons. I wish I had my Grandma's button box. I think one it will be's sitting in my aunt's closet right now.

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