Making Monday

This will be a short post, brevity inspired by the Mason Dixon Knitting blog. They have been firing off posts, written in a short period of time, I guess in the style of Twitter but just a tad longer, and oh the pictures! (scroll down on their blog page to see finished Thorn Shawl by Bristol Ivy).

Thorn Shawl, Bristol Ivy
Upon arising, one of the first things I do, (ok, it. is. always. the first thing I do), I check out my Ravelry tabs, usually looking to see what Friend Activity might show for finished objects, then on to the Patterns tab to see what the current Top Twenty patterns might be, then I lurk on the Forums boards. Here is what I discovered.

Today I found a number of things I. Must. Make.

Teddywidder by Katie Schumm
I love the shape of sweaters like this one, versatile, warm, and edgy. The pattern calls for 1200 yards of Misti Alpaca Tonos Chunky. I calculate that to be around ten skeins at 20.00 each. So my new sweater would cost me how much? $240.00? Ouch! Still, I do love it.

Stephen West. I'll say it again with reverence.... Stephen West.... he is my knitting hero. That boy churns out patterns like there's no tomorrow! Here are a few I "favorited".

Kvosin Hat, Stephen West
Kvosin Hat from Westy's Besties KAL, an ebook with three patterns, to be released in February and March, $18.00.

It's a God's Eye....

It's a vest...

It's a scarf...

It's a poncho.
 Gullfoss, a vest/shawl/poncho. Versatile, garter, colors, Stephen West.... what's not to love? This pattern is included in Stephen West's Midgard ebook, 9 patterns for $20.00

Maddie's Tiny Dress, by Jane Terzza
 Maddie's Tiny Dress by Jane seams and short row shaping of colorful wedges. Pattern is offered for free for the week of Jan 27 to Feb. 2.

Astral Bath Yarns, Spectra Fingering Weight, Moon Age Daydream
While reading Bristol Ivy's blog Where the Red Winged Blackbird Flies, I discovered a dyer local to Portland (Maine) named Ridgely Schantz and her amazing colors. The company is called Astral Bath Yarns and the colors are so glorious, especially during these gloomy months of winter. Above is the colorway Moon Age Daydream, 490 yards/100gms of fingeringweight yarn, $26.00 The colorways of Nor'eastr and Icarus call to me, but for now I must only window shop and bookmark for a later return when cash is in hand.

So, tell me, do you find yourself constantly dreaming of knitting, designers, yarn, and trips to Iceland for knitting retreats? Here, sit next to me, I'll move my project bags and yarn cakes and patterns, and let's talk!

Added late... check out this gorgeous yarn bomb of granny squares covering the stairs in this square....


Carol said…
Ok, I have got to plan a trip to New England to check out all these wonderful small yarn companies. I think I will need more than a week. Thank goodness my sister lives in Maine.
Cleo14 said…
Wow all those look great. I think I'll have to be checking them out myself.
flyingjen said…
I love the teddywidder sweater. I will have to add that to my queue. I just ordered some Cascade Eco at my LYS. It's in a chunky/bulky but a generous 400+ yards per skein. The sweater I want to make next was right up there with yours in price til I found the Eco and it's in some awesome colors.

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