New Beginnings, part two

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New Beginnings: Part Two
Have you made any resolutions for the New Year? Get thee back to the gym? Push away from the table without sampling seconds? Read more books, actual and not virtual? Practice random acts of kindness? Buy more lottery tickets? What have you promised yourself? How long will your commitment last?

For me, I have asked myself to commit to more writing here on the blog. I have found so many things that are knit related and I hope you will benefit from what I share. I want to participate in a number of KALs, for the camaraderie and the possible prizes. I want to use up more stash yarn than I buy. Notice how I didn't say yarn diet? I did get a nice fat gift certificate for Christmas to one of my favorite yarn shops, so there will be some limited stash enhancement.

Here is something I found on Twitter, 31 Days to Get Organized.
WEBS is a superstore in Northampton, MA. Their blog will be sponsoring a month long conversation about getting your fiber tools organized.

Day 1 asks the reader to look at what is working and what needs your focus. Maybe you want to list your yarn and needles on your Ravelry page. Why bother? Well, it can be helpful to see how much yardage you have or in my case, it is a quick link to the yarn tab so I know what the weight of the yarn is. How about your needle stash. Can you find what you need without going through project bags and baskets of WIPs?  Pattern control..... do you use printed versions or perhaps you just read from PDFs.  I do both and when I want a printed pattern, well let's just say, it is rarely at my fingertips. I hate to waste ink and paper, so I do hunt, but often end up printing out a new pattern.

I'm hoping this month long look at organizing will be fruitful.


Evelyn said…
I'm all for organization and love this concept of 31 days to get organized. I'm pretty faithful about keeping my yarn and needle stash up-to-date on Ravelry. More than anything, it's helped me save money as I can see what I already have with one easy look!
Erin_in_Boston said…
I dream of the day that I can create a studio/craft room with storage that allows me to see what I have at a glance. Now things are stored in tubs and it is a process to drag everything out. I may just display some skeins for inspiration and see if that helps until someone vacates a bedroom. LOL!
Evelyn said…
What a dream come true to have a studio space! I'd settled for a small one & all I'd ask for is lots of natural light ... And cubbies for my yarn, of course!

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