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January is a month for new beginnings, fresh starts, and resolutions, it is actually National Get Organized Month. So, now that the month is nearly over, the procrastinator in me is finally getting around to sharing a series of blog posts written by Dena of the WEBS store in Northampton, MA. A note to those of you that will access these posts, you will find many good ideas and funny stories if you read through the comments.

31 Days to Get Your Knitting and Crochet Organized
Dena has been sharing a technique or strategy daily in her blog and I wanted to make a list of the topics in case you haven't been reading and applying her techniques. She walks you through some of the ways to whip your craft space into shape.

January 1 Get Your Knitting and Crochet Organized  This series starts off by asking you to think about what organization tools are working for you. Then think about what is not working. There were many interesting comments on this post.

January 2 WIPs Keep or Frog (aka Works in Progress) Take a good look at the WIPs you have amassed, decide why they have not been finished and if it is because the pattern was too hard or the fiber just didn't work out.... be brave and reclaim those needles and the fiber. Frog it!

January 3 Tips for Your WIPs If you have things that are Hibernating or waiting for you to resume the project.... you are advised to store the project on stitch holders or waste yarn and keep details notes on where you left off and what size of needles you were using. Great note ideas on this one.

January 4 Storing Your WIPs Can you say "Project Bag" and I don't mean gallon sized Zip-Lock storage bags. Cool Lantern Moon stacking basket display featured too.

January 5 Keeping Notes About WIPs Do you keep a knitting journal? Or are you religious about creating a detailed Ravelry Project page with modifications that you made to the pattern? Read up on rationale to take the time to make these notes that might be handy later, or for someone reading your Project page.

January 6 Flash Your Stash  In this post Dena dares you to pile all of your stash in one spot and capture it in a photo. She suggests it could be a cool archive to look back on too.

January 7 Destashing Do the yarn purge, free yourself of the skeins that make you feel guilty because you spent THAT much on them or because you have yet to find the perfect pattern.

January 8 How to Recycle Yarn If you unravel a project and want to use the yarn in another project, prep it for casting on by giving it a good soak and re-skeining.

January 10 Tracking Your Stash There are a number of ways to keep track of what yarn you have, in a journal a spreadsheet, or on the Ravelry Stash page.

January 11 What to Do With Leftover Yarn  Small project ideas are suggested, including pompoms, yarn bowls and coasters.

January 12 How to Get Rid of Leftover Yarn
You could sell it, trade it, give it away or just put it in the trash. Yes we all have a few of those skeins that just need to go to the Deep 6 file, right?

January 13 Identifying Mystery Yarn  There are a number of ways to replace the information of lost ball bands with strategies of using wraps per inch and fiber composition tests included in this post.

January 14 How to Organize Your Stash Is your stash in open Rubbermaid storage totes? Or do you have those cool Ikea shelves? One friend has a bureau where she stores her stash, I envy the ease of access she has. Do you put all of your sock yarn together or do you organize by color or fiber?

January 15 Mothproofing
This important entry helps battle carpet beetles, moths and other critters. It also tells you how to identify yarn that is too far gone to try and keep.

January 16 Organize Your Magazines and Craft and Knitting Books Step by step tips to wrestle the piles of craft books, knitting magazines and pattern binders into a more manageable resource.

January 17 Organize Individual Patterns Do you print out patterns and keep them in page protectors in a binder or file? Read this post for more tips to quick retrieval of your library of single patterns.

January 18 Using/Reorganizing Your Ravelry Queue I need to read this and apply it to the 135 projects in my Ravelry queue.

January 19 Digital Patterns Why should you consider buying digital patterns? They are easier to receive updates and errata from the  designer, they are in your Ravelry library, or you can have them stored together in Dropbox; you can access them on your e-reader or iPad or phone. They can be printed out if you like a paper copy to mark with any notes.

January 20 Keeping Track of Your Pattern Library
There are systems that you can use to help manage what patterns you have. Many favorable comments refer to Evernote, an app you can download on your phone or ipad.

I urge you to revisit this page when you are feeling like the crafts might topple over and smother you, maintenance is key to good organizing.


Cleo14 said…
I'm planning to use up all the odds and ends in my stash in one big yarnbomb.
Pepper said…
I'm loving this blog series! Destashing is a huge challenge for me and it is giving me the courage to go through with it!

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