Work in Progress Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday

Norby by Gudrun Johnson

Norby Pattern by Gudrun Johnson
Yarn: Lion Brand Sock-Ease on size 4 needles.
This pattern was gifted to me, Thanks Julie!!!! and I have wanted to work on it for a while now. I am casting on a lot of things, but all of the things seem to be from my Queue or from my Hibernating Projects.  I like this knit, but it certainly moves slow... I am used to worsted weight and size 8 needles..... :)

Ellison Bay, Paula Emons-Fuessle

Ellison Bay Pattern by Paula Emons-Fuessle
Yarn: Cascade 220 on size 8 needles.
This too was a gifted pattern from my friend Julie. Initially she sent it to me to break me out of my lost mojo syndrome and it worked! I made my first Ellison Bay in a week. This one is progressing more slowly, mostly because of mistakes made at the Y/O points. I really want that rib to look symmetrical. I tinked back two separate times to fix those mistakes. I was hoping to be sync with Paula's timeline for the Ellison Bay KAL, but that isn't happening. I have until February 15 to post a photo of my FO to be entered into the drawing that Paula is doing. I should be able to make that deadline!

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Kyle William said…
looks like you've been busy! Keep knitting... you'll make your deadline I'm sure! :)
Cleo said…
That hat will look great in that orange. I love it.
Evelyn said…
I've admired that pattern for a while, too. Everyone needs a winter hat in red, right? : )
Enid said…
the hat looks interesting, but am not keen on the tassels

Alicia Landi said…
I like the shape of that shawl!

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