Zite, why you might just love this app.

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In the digital age that we live in, there is so much info thrown at us. We can dodge it or seek it out, but the proliferation of info can be daunting and time consuming to sift through. I hate to admit this, but I have drifted away from perusing the local newspaper. Time, access, and the frequent use of my computer has sliced into the quiet shifting and folding of pages as I read what is new. I miss reading my paper, I am sad that I don't support it by spending money on a subscription, but if I did have it delivered, it would just pile up, mostly unread. 

How do I keep up with the news? How do I stay current? I don't watch all that much TV, though if there is a breaking story, or more importantly, a N'easter blowing in, then I tune in. I listen to WBUR, our local NPR station. I read the headlines of the Boston Globe and the New York Times, but not religiously. I have a CNN feed app on my ipad. But I found something that I really love and I want you to know of it.

Do like to be one of the first to share new ideas, 
Zite is an app that you can install on your iPad or your phone. There are versions for Droid, Apple and Windows Phone 7 products too. When you install the app, you select topics of interest that fit your reading habits. In selecting these topics, Zite will create a virtual news feed that is tailored to your needs. There are many topics to choose from, but you know that many of mine are knitting and fiber related. I also can see news from my region, and national or international sources.

There is a cool feature built into Zite. It has an algorithm which modifies your feed based upon what you click on and how long you keep it open. The Zite program also gives you a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down button which helps to generate similar articles in subsequent editions. If you like an article, click Thumbs Up and you'll find more stories like it in the future. If something is not of interest, click the Thimbs Down button and that type of article will not show up again.

I often use the Share This button; by clicking on it, you can send the info to your Twitter or Facebook feed. In this way, your Twitter feed might generate more interest if your readers discover that Zite and you are giving them an early heads up on breaking stories of trends.

I mean for you to know that I read so much related to knitting, fiber, design and fashion as an avocation. I have found that in reading Zite, it exposed me to Stephen West's blog post about a video and book based on woman who has been knitting sweaters since the 1950s. The video shows her town square with everyone decked out in an example of her handiwork. Zite has included posts from Stephanie Pearl McPhee and Glenna C of Knitting to Stay Sane. I love that it showcases posts from  Smitten Kitchen, a blog about cooking, SouleMama, a great blog about a mom to a slew of kids that she home-schools and nurtures in the woods of western Maine. Yes, I have Google Reader and an RSS feed, but I love seeing my favorite blog writers featured in a magazine style format. 

You really need to check Zite out. Be the first in your circle to know, be the first to share some of the exciting things that happen in the worlds of your interest!


Thanks for the tip. It sounds like an interesting app. I'll have to look into it.
Carol said…
Thanks for sharing about Zite; I will check it out. You always have something interesting to say on your blog!
I'm in need of this app. I'll be downloading it right now. Thanks!! :)

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