Goin' on a Knit Retreat

Sponsor of Escape to the Cape
I am very excited to be venturing off on my FIRST knitter's retreat. Northampton Wools is sponsoring a weekend getaway with a class on making felted wool bags, yoga, skin care and martini knitting. Besides the anticipation of knitting fun, I am eager to finally meet a virtual friend in person. Inky077 of City Mouse to Country House will be in attendance! We finally get to hang out in person and knit, commiserate and share plans for our blogs to possibly merge periodically.

Check here for updates on the events and shenanigans. Depending on the network service, I may not get photos posted until Sunday. Check my Twitter feed if you follow me @ 19vesperstreet!


Enid said…
safe travels and enjoy the retreat
Carol said…
We have a knitting retreat every year the first weekend after New Years. So much fun! Looking forward to seeing your pictures! I am at Stitches West having a good time as well!
Karen Sue said…
Have a great time! Twice a year some friends and I escape to a nearby Holiday Inn Express for a weekend of craftiness. It started as a scrapbooking thing, but we've extended our interests and now just call it scrap & sew and do whatever we want, as long as it's not noisy or stinky!
Martini knitting...don't know what that is...do you drink while you knit?!?!?

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