Inspiration Saturday and Making Monday

Will you allow me to have my foot in two camps, Saturday and Monday? For this day I want to share a few things that I find inspiring and one thing that I am making. As for the additions to stash, I have not discovered what all of these yummy yarns will become, but the Malabrigo Silky will definitely be a cowl of some sort.

Windsor Button winding down...
First, I have been volunteering at Windsor Button, working for yarn and for the stories that are shared by those patronizing the shop as it moves nearer to its final chapter. The task has been humbling, here I thought I knew the shop so well. Imagine the nooks and crannies I have had time to restock? I have been feeling sad and a bit despondent about the shop closing. Basically, the synopsis is this, the owners lost their lease and have been unable to find any retail space that would make it viable to relocate.  (More info on the closing of the shop here, here and  here.)

Windsor Button, Temple Place, Downtown Boston.
I have come to think of the some of the yarn there as close friends waiting for me to make bail and release them. Seriously, I feel like that. There are corners and bins that I visit often and pet the skeins trying to think of what I shall make or how much I will need or.... how to rationalize the expenditure; some of the yarns I love are queens and princes of the fiber hierarchy.

I worked Thursday, Friday afternoons, and all day yesterday. I got my cardio with all the pacing and stairs, but you will not find complaints coming from me, aside from how my feet were aching. Here is a view of the yarn I chose as pay for the days worked. (I did pay for two of the Madelinetosh skeins).
Madelinetosh Dk in Glazed Pecan, two skeins
Madelinetosh DK in Grendadine, three skeins
Malabrigo Silky Blend, three skeins
Cascade Sock yarn, three skeins
Classic Elite Yarn, Woodland
Project Stash Yarn Swap
Another activity that has inspired and heated up my thinking of projects is a package from my Project Stash swap partner, Jen, aka FlyingJen on Ravelry. The task we accepted as members of the swap was to find some stash yarn, wrap a small gift or token item and then coil the yarn around it. Once the knitting is done, you get to unwrap your prize. Jen sent me two balls and I am trying to use them together in one project. I wonder which ball contains the prize? I am resisting the urge to unwind now and see what is inside.
Garter stitch scarf with yarn from FlyingJen
The second skein in the swap box from FlyingJen. A hat maybe??
Wholehearted Shawl, free pattern giveaway
The other source of inspiration I'd like to share is an opportunity to download the Wholehearted Shawl, a super pattern, for free. I have made three Wholehearted Shawls (one, two, three), and as you may know, the best gifts to give are the ones that are the hardest to let go of, each of these shawls graces the shoulders of a sister or "sister in law to be".

Erika Flory, the designer, is offering the $6.00 pattern download for free as a way to celebrate a year of good health after undergoing surgery. I discovered this while sleuthing around the Top Twenty patterns on Ravelry this morning. I was gifted this pattern by my friend Evelyn of the blog Project Stash last summer.

If you aren't a fan of shawls... yet... let me tempt you. There is a speedy setup, and the initial rows grow quickly, the garter stitch section doesn't require too much focus. When the garter stitch gets to be a tad boring, the section of textured stitches pop up and relieve the ennui. The bind off technique was new to me when I made my first Wholehearted. To be honest, I was convinced I would mess it up and would have to tink back to start again. I am here to tell you that learning to do the picot bind off will be gratifying and may inspire you to use it again on another project. It is not difficult, but worth the effort.

Wholehearted Shawl
Wholehearted Shawl
Wholehearted Shawl
Leave me a comment about what has inspired you lately, whether it be knitting related or not. Thanks!


unionjgirl said…
I love that Wholehearted shawl, thanks so much for sharing! I'm sorry you're having to say goodbye to all of that yarn and the store, I know what you mean about waiting for the day you can 'rescue' a lovely yarn. I already have my own overflowing shelter for wayward yarn, though ; )
flyingjen said…
That's a big BooHoo that the yarn shop is closing. I'm sure the rents in Boston make a move super expensive. Thanks for the heads up on the Wholehearted Shawl. I'm not sure who in my gift list would appreciate it the most, so while I'm glad I got the pattern, I'm going to sit on it for a while.
Anonymous said…
so sorry about Windsor Button - I only discovered them a couple of years ago when my Dad moved from Concord into th Prudential Center. I live in Sweden (lots of great yarn but rarely matching US yarn patterns in gauge) and visit Boston a couple of times a year, which is a chance to stock up. Now I have to put together a shopping list so my stepmother can go to the closing down sale!

ARE there any other decent yarn stores within a T ride of Copley Square? Now my Dad is going to sell his car so I can't even drive out to the suburbs when I visit.
Inky077 said…
I am so very jealous of your purchases lol! Love the colorways, and that Grenadine Tosh looks like it would knit into a very beautiful Handpaint Scarf pattern by Lavender Hill Knits.
Alicia Landi said…
It is hard when a LYS closes, but at least you were very involved with it while it was there! I have yet to find a good shop like that near me. And thanks for sharing that shawl! Also, your garter stitch scarf is fantastic, I love the pops of color.

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