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Do you love blizzards? I do. I know that sounds silly, but I do love to witness the power of Mother Nature. We are buried here, we have 21.5 inches so far, with more to come with drifting and blowing. There is a ban on driving, the MBTA, our local public transportation, is not up and running. They don't expect to open until Monday. I wonder if there will be school on Monday. Some towns are saying no school til Wednesday because of treacherous conditions. This storm is reportedly going to go down as one of the top ten blizzards in Massachusetts.

Here are a few pictures I took earlier this morning.

A view of the backyard, the grill is covered with over a foot of snow.
A view of our street; the cars are buried and the plows have not come by for 10 hours.
I am fortunate to have power, water, heat, and internet. Two of my sisters who live on the South Shore were not so lucky and have no power and consequently, no heat or water. They can't even go to another location, due to the travel ban. Sending them prayers and blessings, and hoping the power will be restored soon.
I know it may sound insensitive to write this next part, but after I finish shoveling, I plan to park myself in front of Netflix and watch endless movies.  I am working on a number of knitting projects and will soon be whipping up a batch of tomato sauce.  Stay safe and warm, wherever you may be.

Edited to add pictures taken in early afternoon.

Narrow walkway
Grasshopper Cafe, will you be open tomorrow?
Allston Steet, at Bunker Hill Street, at least 4 feet of snow.
Skiers on Bunker Hill Street
Regal lion, overlooking the after effects.
St Frances de Sales, top of Bunker Hill.
Digging out in the shadow of the Bunker Hill Monument. Lincoln Place, Elm Street
I shoveled out and then walked around my neighborhood. I marveled at the height of the snowbanks and the number of side streets that were at least 4 feet deep in packed snow. The driving ban ended at 4 pm, but there will be many aching muscles before the cars will be released from the grasps of last night's storm. Our public transportation was not been restored and the expectation/hope is that is will resume on Monday.


Patricia Edie said…
Sounds like you know how to "hunker down!"
Enid said…
some may take your comment as insensitive, but will anyone profit from you freezing?
Cleo14 said…
Glad to hear you're ok and hope your sisters get their power back soon. Happy knitting.

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