Sunday after the Blizzard of 2013

I went for another walk today, this time with the purpose of taking some pictures of the Bunker Hill Monument to enter in a local FB group. Here are the images I got.

Postcard shot, but no snow showing.
I like the composition, but due to glare, I missed capturing the top of the monument.
A view from around the corner of the old high school.
I love how this came out, but no snow showing. :P
Just ok, not a great photo.
Moody effects, stormy look, but not my choice for entry.
The sign says, "Dig me out for money, call 617-241-xxxx to get paid.
This is the entry I submitted, I love the shadows cast by the fence. Zakim Bridge is in the far distance.
What did you do with your afternoon? We have no public transportation available, there is a parking ban on main thoroughfares, most businesses are closed and many people are preoccupied with digging out. I was happy to have a reason to go slogging over snowbanks to take pictures. I will let you know how I fare in the photo competition. The one that wins will become the banner photo for the FB page.


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