Work in Progress Wednesday

What is on my needles? What is on your's? I have been drawing from the patterns in my Ravelry Favorites of late and I am deep stash diving too. I feel happy to have project ideas for some of the wool that has been sitting and waiting for so long. Here's what I have been working on.

Infinitude Cowl of Northern Lights
Infinitude Cowl of Northern Lights, pattern by Jeni Chase
Yarn: Camden Yarns of Maine, Northern Lights Mohair on size 11 needles.
I got this yarn at my first NH Sheep and Wool event last spring. The seller had it displayed beautifully in a basket, it was only $3.00 per skein. How could I resist?
I do love mohair, and the colors are the rusty hues that draw me in. It has been sitting in stash awaiting the perfect pattern; Infinitude has been bookmarked in Favorites for some time.. I made it earlier this winter and enjoyed working that one up in a worsted weight yarn. So, you need to know that this is an easy pattern with enough going on that you don't get bored, easy enough for a beginner who is ready to knit something larger than a scarf. I made the dimensions deeper than the pattern calls for, hoping for a more dramatic effect. I can't wait to cast off and see how it will look. It is light, airy and oh so warm.

Bristol's Cowl
Bristol's Cowl, pattern by Bristol Ivy
Yarn: Lion Brand Alpine Wool on size 11 needles.
This is another pattern that I have had for about 4 years.  I never tried it, mostly because it called for a provisional cast on, and that just wasn't in my skill set. Now I am more courageous;  I used the method of crocheting a chain in similar weight waste yarn, and then I picked up the stitches from the bump on the backside of the chain.
Bristol's Cowl is a quick project on larger needles using a bulky yarn, I liked the flow of the stitch design. One design element that I love is the cool picot edge. I have never done this technique before and it was surprisingly easy and almost like magic to do.
I sailed along the first set of stitch repeats, but I met with epic fail when I got to the 9th row and had to drop stitches. Most of the stitch sets look good but there are two where I must have misplaced my slip stitch in the set up. I will frog back and try again. I think this may be a new replacement for the GapTastic Cowl, on a smaller scale for sure, but oh so pretty.

Swatching in the round for Hoaloha.
Hoaloha Mystery Sweater KAL, pattern by Mel of Single Handed Knits
Yarn: Berroco Vintage on size 8 needles
I am swatching in the round for the first time and it is not nearly as quick to produce as my 5x5" squares, but Mel has shared that she was one stitch off in her four inch measured swatch, so if I want to get the correct fit I need to do this.
I am so stoked, to quote, Mel, in doing the Hoaloha KAL. I have not been making many sweaters lately, I've been taken over by the Cowl Fever.... this should be fun.
So, it is not too late to join if you think you would like to make a sweater designed by Mel. We are just at the "select your yarn and swatch" stage. Each week another clue will be released and we will work on that clue and share our experience in the forum notes. Mel will provide support and rah-rahs to usas we progress. It is such fun to others who are knitting the same thing, it is also cool to witness the mods that people think up and use.
I hope I have enticed you to read about what this entails, and lure you into joining us......and oh! I forgot to mention, there will be prizes!

Speaking of prizes, I am so excited to share that I won a pattern on Bristol Ivy's forums group for the Anouk Cowl. I have not yet decided between these two patterns. Want to help me choose? Leave me a comment with which pattern you would pick.

Picot! Picot! Cowl
Alys Cardigan
I am sorry to have been away form the writing this past week and have many topics I want to share with you.
Standing tall, with my right hand raised, I pledge to do my best to write again tomorrow! I hope you are well, warm and happily knitting away.


Sarah from Ctown said…
Sorry, I didn't know how to post the links and make them clickable... But it's worth it if you copy and past them into the address bar!
Enid said…
Infinitude colourway is lovely, but I would use different and smoother yarn. mohair ain't for me.
Mel has designed nice hats, but I'm not able to do her sweater just now. I look forward to seeing your end product.
my prize choice would be the cardigan
currently my WIPs? travelling is crochet blanket for Preemies UK; at home is a corner to corner garter stitch blanket (hope to make 30 inch square).
Babajeza said…
I'd choose the cardigan. :-)
Nancy McCarroll said…
Yep, happy, happy. Like the cardigan, too.

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