Works in Progress, Wednesday

Bristol's Cowl
Bristol's Cowl, pattern by Bristol Ivy
Yarn: 2 skeins Lion Brand Alpine Wool, natural colorway on size 11 needles
I am nearly finished with this cowl and everyone who has seen it, seems to like it. A fun knit with a new technique to learn, picot edging.

I little less than midway through clue number one.
Hoaloha Mystery Sweater KAL, pattern by Melissa, of SingleHandedKnits
Yarn: Berroco Vintage on size 8 needles
I have had this yarn for more than 2 years and have been waiting for the perfect project to use it on. I am enjoying this KAL and I love how Mel has personalized her support to the members of the group with video and blog posts specific to the techniques used in this top down raglan sleeve sweater.

Norby, pattern by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Lion BrandSock-Ease on size 4 needles
I got gauge but as I get further along I am wondering if I should start over in size 3 needles. It feels a bit droopy. I plan to do the crown decreases and see how it looks. I have enough yarn, I may start a second more fitted one once this is done.

Project Stash Yarn Swap Project
Project Stash Yarn Swap, what will it become?
Yarn: unknown, on size 13 needles
This yarn was gifted to me by FlyingJen, a member of Evelyn's Project Stash group, along with a second ball. As a part of the swap Jen wound the colorful grey and bright multi mohair blend around a small gift. I knit until I got to the center of the ball and discovered a small pot of rich hand lotion, perfect for this time of year.
The challenge in using this yarn is the limited yardage. So far my two attempts have not been large enough for an adult sized scarf, I need to find some complimentary yarn to stretch it longer into a full sized scarf or cowl. The second ball I plan to make into a simple beanie, I may add a contrast yarn if I need more yardage. Thanks Jen!!
Second ball from Project Stash Yarn Swap.
Ellison Bay

Ellison Bay, pattern by Paula Emons-Fuessle
Yarn: Cascade 220 on size 8 needle
I do like this project, but it hasn't been getting much of my attention. I am hoping to have it done before we return to school next week.

If you want to see other WIPs, go to Tami's Amis and see what other knitters have posted.


Carol said…
I am a Gundrun Johnston fan and that Norby hat is really cute. I hope your project works out well for you.
Cleo said…
I always love looking at your W.I.P.s, it sends me back to the stash/wip/swatch/sketch wanting to get going. Keep up the W.I.P. Wednesday posts. Otherwise I might never get anything done! :)
Evelyn said…
All your WIPs are wonderful!! : )

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