Coming clean..... in the knitting/project department aka Wanting to Knit All the Things

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I have a confession to make, well, a chain of them.

I am out of control with wanting to make all the things.
I have difficulty listening to your conversation as I dream of the things I am making.
I want to order two new ebooks but must resist. (What? Which ones? Oh, Alana Dakos' Botanical Knits and Strata and Line, Bristol Ivy's collaboration with friend Leah B. Thibault).
I am too optimistic about how much I can knit in a day, or a weekend.
Each day I see at least one or two more KALs that I want to join in on. (KAL= knit along, with a group).

Daily, I check the Ravelry Top Twenty Patterns. (Did you see there's a Game of Thrones KAL on the horizon)? Mentions of free pattern offers doesn't help either.

I am loving the latest Ravelry home page feature that daily, sends me newly released patterns based on the designers I like and projects I have made. (Look on the home page and click on the link  patterns highlights page.  Then, start adding designer's pages as a favorite to build diversity in the offerings that are sent to you).

As I check in on my favorite podcasts, I drool over some of the projects I see. I "favorite" or "queue" things; I add the really good patterns to my Ravelry cart hoping I might be the recipient of RAP (Random Act of Pattern, when you gift a pattern to a friend or stranger). And please don't feel inclined to go look and click a pattern to me, I am asking for help here, not more enabling!

I can't help but cast on.

I wake up in the middle of the night; whispers of inspiration emanate from the basket of newly purchased yarn. Stash that spills out of the bins in the closet wink at me and say "Pick me pick me!"

And no, I have not been there have been a number of fails. My enthusiasm has pushed me beyond polygamy..... I am dangling from that scrawny branch of the spindly tree on the entrance to the abyss.

I am now rethinking the whole hyper excitement over needing to try all the things, immediately. Today, the many fails in my basket have me thinking I should focus on just two projects, just two actives. The others need to patiently await my undivided attention.

Why is this uber distracted, greedy project lust commandeering my normal frame of mind? I am guilty of over saturation of anything knitting related. It doesn't help that I went to the Cape Escape knitting retreat. (Yes, I need to write a post for you to better describe what I learned about the whole Shibui Mix concept, and show you my top three, or maybe my top five favorite projects). I saw shawls and yarns and projects that I want to try. (What's the acronym that describes having a stash of yarn beyond life expectancy? I that way with wanting to knit all the things).

So, you see, it is really an illness. I stay up late to knit "just one more row". When leaving the house, I hesitate over the projects bags as I select one and think, "Will this project be doable in the place I am taking it"?

I find I don't want to get up and go into work because it is an 8 hour delay in getting down to business with what is in my project baskets. But to work I must go, one needs lighting and food to knit at this pace, correct? Damn that I'm too young to retire. Damn!

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I will show you some of the crazypants energy that is swirling around me, I will share with you some of the things that I am so excited about. I am hoping some one of you has advice for me, beyond upping the number of Powerball tickets purchased weekly. (Currently, that number is zero, the quote "You can't win if you don't play" comes to mind).

Here's the list of what's in the work basket at my feet:
Hoaloha Mystery Sweater KAL, though I am 2/3 of the ay down the body section, I am still trailing  behind the pack. The third clue has been released, but I haven't looked at it yet, my head is still down and I am ticking away at the body of stockinette stitch.

For Good Hat My niece sent me the most gorgeous skeins of phlox colored Cascade 220. For a hat. I caked it right away, cast on as the pattern dictated, knit, knit, knit until the ribbed band was finished. Too small.... I need to begin again. Sorry Katie. I will get it done.

Antler Hat I got this pattern free back when Tincan Knits patterns filled the Ravelry Top Twenty list. I got the yarn in my Cape Escape goody bag. I cast on and knit while on the bus ride back to Boston. Now I realize, in my enthusiasm and overheated bus zombie mindset, I failed to change needles after knitting the ribbed band. Now I need to rip back 12 rows and start anew.

Norby I have this hat nearly finished in the Lion Brand Sock Ease, but it is just too floppy. I have some Quince and Co. Finch yarn in the same color, so I will begin again. I haven't frogged what I have knit so far, but I probably will use the yarn for somehing else.

Ellison Bay The impetus to cast this project on was Paula's KAL. The date to submit my FO pictures has passed; the shawl languishes, and today, I as I sorted through all of the things, I believe I heard the yarn whining it wanted to be something else. Hmmmmm, fail? Frog? Not yet, but possibly....

Levenwick This sweater is so close to being done. One sleeve and the button band to do. Why did I ever put it down? Back in August? Where did I write my notes as to how many stitches I had at the head of the sleeve. Oooooh, my head hurts thinking about this dilemma, but the color is so enticing and spring is coming. I want to wear it before the warmer days descend. I'll bet if I could just focus and count some stitches, I could get underway with sleeve number two.

Guernsey Wrap This project is a perfect example of how easily I'll bite the bait dangled. My friend Julie, the one who also attended the Cape Escape, mentioned she had cast on this shawl/huge scarf/rectangular homage to Jared Flood. The envy I experienced was too hard to ignore. I cast on Friday night and I am in love with this pattern.

The basket of newly purchased yarn is topped with skeins for two Gap-tastic Cowls for my sister and niece, plus a hat that I promised to redo because it was too big.

What's a girl to do? What would the Yarn Harlot do?

(BTW, were you lucky enough to have seen her Friday night?)

And tomorrow Norah Gaughan is speaking at the Iron Horse, a yarn shop in Natick. Too many events and projects, not enough time.

I need to make the leap from my current job to professional blogger. How does one earn a living doing just that? Again, we should query YarnHarlot/Stephanie Pearl McPhee. Write a book, develop a following, set up speaking engagements, write patterns, spin fleece into gold, nah, I'd rather just sit and knit. I'll keep the day job.


Alicia Landi said…
haha, I definitely feel your excitement here! I get that way, too. It's kind of a nice problem to have.
dorothee draft said…
Attention! knitting is a hard drug. I know whereof I speak, I am addict too !
Kris said…
SABLE: Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy
A knitting retreat often has such an effect on my WIPs. I come back and launch on a manic swirl of yarn and possibilities and maybe a little knitting but not nearly enough. I finally manage to focus on one project long enough to finish it, and then I am temporarily stymied by all the rest of the WIPs -- and find myself wanting to cast on something new instead.
I am just glad I am not the only person who daydreams about knitting when I should be paying attention to other matters.
Erin Mcdonald said…
Kris! That's it! That's the acronym that eluded me as I wrote up this post.

We must be kindred spirits, your recent comments resonate with me. As for the manic swirl of energy and creativity... that is my MO and I wonder how I existed ten years ago when knitting didn't fuel me and fulfill me as it does now. Not to mention the great friends I have met through my pastimes of knitting and blogging. I hope you are to become one of my virtual (til we meet) friends!
Hardwood Acres - eileen said…
You sound just like the rest of us who have gotten bit by the knitting bug! You sound like you are well on the way to becoming a great knitting blogger though - I am so enjoying reading!

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