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Twisted strand and tassels
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Norby Pattern by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Quince and Co., Finch yarn in Nasturtium colorway
So this pattern was kicking my butt. When I began, I was using a different yarn and I wasn't getting gauge. I was near the point of doing the decreases when I gave the hat a good look over and decided it just looked tired. I didn't frog the yarn, but instead went into stash and found something that would give me gauge.
Are you one of those people who think gauge is for sissies? Well, this sissy is tired of finding out, hours into the process, that the pattern and what I have on my needles bears no resemblance to each other.  So I swatch, and now, I try really hard to get the same type of yarn as suggested in the pattern. Tedious, a little, but success in the end is so worth it.

Gauge swatch using Shibui yarns
 Thank goodness for buying yarn with no project in mind, I got the Quince Finch yarn at Knit Wit over a year ago. (If ever you are in the vicinity of Portland, Maine, stop in and you can see, touch and collect the Quince yarns in person, instead of over the phone or internet. There is also Purl Diva in Brunswick, she carries the line in her beautiful shop. Another great road trip destination).

Tassels and cords were fun and easy to make.
I adore how this hat turned out. It is so sculptural, and the stitch definition is amazing. And... I learned how to make a twisted cord tassel. Check it out.

I have benefited from focusing on one of three projects, it led to the Norby getting finished. (I still want to cast on all the things). My other two projects are moving along too. Hoaloha sweater is nearing the point of bind off and then I can start the sleeves. I am also giving the Guernsey some short bits of attention.

Fiber Arts Friday

Stash enhancement from Windsor Button sale
The Friday thing to share with you is some stash enhancement. I visited Windsor Button, where the Going Out Of Business Sale continues, now things are reduced by 30%.  That includes all the stock, yarns, needles, notions and books.  And, if you are interested in buying an unopened bag of ten skeins, it is 40% off.

Swans Island, Sea Smoke
Adding some natural and neutral colors to my stash.
I got some Swans Island worsted in the Sea Smoke color, this is such soft and smooshy yarn and I love that it is made in Maine. (Like the Quince Yarns, which are also made in Maine). I may use it to make another Guernsey Wrap, not sure just yet.

Kiwi and Mango colorway
Straw into Gold
I got some Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Mohair; I can hear a few of you saying something derogatory about mohair, yes I can. Guess what? I'll bet paired with lace weight, it will be a fun fiber to work with. Watch upcoming posts for the details.

I also got some Classic Elite Yarn Silky Alpaca. These will be paired up with the mohair as I apply the Shibui Mix concept. Maybe a Piega cowl.

I can't wait to swatch with these held together.

This is so neutral for me, but I think it looks rich.
Piega Cowl, Ravelry
I am off to continue on my Hoaloha sweater, I am nearly ready to cast of at the hem edge of the body and begin sleeves.

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Dree said…
Cute hat, I would love to see it on someone :) Are the tassels annoying when it's on, or do you not notice? They look good.
I am so in loved with that Swan Islands yarn. It looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see what that becomes. The hat came out really well. I try and swatch too. I even swatch in the round if that is the way the finished project is knit. I have found this a necessity because knitting in the round gives quite a different gauge, in my case, to knitting in the round.
The Swan's Island is gorgeous...I got a skein of it awhile ago, also in Sea Smoke! I was pairing it with something..just can't remember what right now...

The hat came out great...I have some Quince put away it in Maine..
Cleo said…
I like the Norby. I've been having some gauge issues myself.
WonderWhyGal said…
LOve that hat!
You came home with quite the yarn haul...what a fun shopping day that must have been.
Sarah said…
I can vouch for the Norby in person - it looks great and the tassels are awesome. A couple things:

1st - I found this out the hard way, but the Windsor Button 40% off whole bags of yarn is only SELECT bags that are pre-marked. I asked for a bag over the weekend and wound up only receiving the standard 30% off. Still a good deal, but I was surprised and had to double check.

2nd - I can vouch for a mohair paired with a sock weight (and I'll be bringing it to knit night tonight). More photos to follow, but it looks great. A very subtle halo and the mix of color with the mohair and tonal sock yarn worked to tone down some of the brighter pinks and gave depth to the maroons. Images will be posted soon here:
L.E. said…
Gorgeous yarn!! And absolutely gorgeous hat!!! I am a sissy too - after many unsatisfactory finished objects, I got to appreciate gauge swatching...

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