Red Line Yarn Crawl March 23, 2013

Ok, for those of you who don't live in the Boston area, let me explain. The Red Line is one line of our subway system; the Red Line runs from Cambridge, through Downtown and then onwards to Dorchester, and beyond to Ashmont or Braintree. There are three yarn shops along this route and we knitters have been traipsing this path for our Red Line Yarn Crawl for the past three years.

Porter Square, Cambridge
From the Porter Square stop, jump off and make the short walk to Lucy's Mind's Eye Yarn (and spinning) shop. This quaint shop is situated in a homey first floor spot where the spinning wheels and staff will do their best to lure you into their craft. There is lots of yarn, many classes, and a warm, knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you as you shop for your next project or just stash enhancement. Check the website for the schedule and events for the Crawl.

Head back to the Red Line and catch an inbound train to Downtown Crossing. It is a short walk to Windsor Button on Temple Place.

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I need you to know that Windsor is not officially participating in this year's Crawl...

Maybe you haven't heard, but after 75 years in the business, they are nigh on two weeks from closing their doors permanently. So, please consider stopping in and taking a look at what is marked down, from 30-50%. Shop samples are now available for purchase.  I assure you you will not walk out empty handed; there is still lots of beautiful yarns, notions, buttons, ribbons, books, and patterns for you to take back to a good home. Also, if you feel inclined, there is a memory book on the back counter, write a note about what the shop has meant to you.Be sure to say hello to Susan and Stan and their staff and let them know they will be missed.

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Now, head back to the Red Line station and get on the outbound train to either Braintree or Ashmont, you'll get off at the JFK stop, turn left when you exit the station and walk up to Dorchester Ave, take a right and look down one block on your right. There you'll find the Stitch House, a wonderful, homey and inviting shop for knitters and sewers alike. Annissa, the owner, has wisely hired many helpful and knowledgeable staffers to help you with your purchases or lessons.  Also important to note, there is always yummy food to be had at Stitch House, and there are plenty of chairs if your feet are complaining, or if you need to calculate how much yarn to get for that sweater in your queue. Annissa announced in an email that they have a multitude of drawings and prizes they plan to award to Red Line Yarn Crawl shoppers.

Get your carry bag, a knitting friend and venture out on the Red Line Yarn Crawl. Saturday will find many of us at Stitch House, Mind's Eye, and even at Windsor. While it is important to note that Windsor isn't participating, I hope those of you that do the crawl will stop in and say thank you to Susan and Stan as their going out of business sale winds down. I expect that shop will close its doors a final time in the next two to three weeks if not sooner.

Stitch House   846 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester.  Yarn Crawl hours: 10AM-8pm
Mind's Eye Yarn 22 White Street, Porter Square, Cambridge. Yarn Crawl hours:  10AM-5PM
Windsor Button  35 Temple Place, Boston. Shop hours: 10AM- 5:30PM 
 (I am including the info on Windsor Button too, just be aware that they are not participating in this year's Crawl).


Lakshmi Moorty said…
I love the photo of all your Knitting Needles and the caption I ma c collector and a Knitter. Me too. That picture makes me Happy.I love small yarn shops and visit them when I travel. Always keep my knitting projects in the making in separate small suitcases (KITS) and I knit specially on Trains, at the Airports and on the Flights, even at the Dr.'s Office, Starbucks. No stress if I have to wait anywhere or someone shows up late! Just from one knitter to anther from California!

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