Work in Progress Wednesday

WIPs this week
I have been focusing on three projects, almost a whiplash reaction to wanting to knit all the things from a few weeks ago.

Norby, pattern by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Quince and Co., Finch on size 4 needles
First off.... can I say it again without annoying people....? Quince yarns are just so perfect. Finch is a 4 ply fingering weight woolen yarn made in the US. It gives such body to the stitches in this hat pattern. I had first made the Norby using some Lion Brand Sock-Ease yarn which should have been adequate, but the fabric was floppy and the stitch definition was fuzzy. I ripped out and started over with a skein I had in stash. WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE!!!

Sock-Ease on the left, Finch on the right.
I am not sure if you can see the difference in the yarns in the comparison shots, but I do love Quince Yarns!

As for the hat pattern. I love Wool People patterns, you get multiple pages, great detailed photos, charted and written directions and, in this case, a great tutorial on making the perfect tassel. As far as this project, the design is clearly written and easy enough to memorize. The shift between wavy rows and the knitted rows was just enough to stave off boredom. I will definitely make this again... in Finch!

March Guernsey
March Guernsey, pattern by Jared Flood
Yarn: Cascade Eco + on size 8 needles
I started this project and am jealous that I was not able to cast off as fast as the inspiring Amy Beth of the Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast. In this week's episode, she models it and talks of how it was her happy knitting.

I am loving the repeated rows of stitch patterns and I am over the fear of charts. Thank you Jared Flood! (I always imagine the TADA of trumpets sounding when I say or type his name, do you?) This pattern is from the Brooklyn Tweed line of patterns, and like the Norby pattern, it is well written and the photos give you a close up of the details. The charts are long but I used my ipad to enlarge and keep track of where I was and so far, knock on wood, there have been no mistakes! I wonder if this is the only project worked on over the weekend if I can get  to cast off by next week.

The yarn has been in stash for some time and was originally destined to be a sweater, but in my haste to knit along with Julie, I swatched and fell in love with ECO+. I need to get me more of this stuff! And the color... it is a twist of navy and green, but the photos don't do it justice. I intend to severely block this and so I used 8s to get a dense fabric. I think it will drape well once blocked.

 Hoaloha, Mystery Sweater KAL, pattern my Mel of Single Handed Knits
Yarn: Berroco Vintage, using needles 7 and 8
The mystery sweater is much different looking, I have made modifications to allow for a more flattering silhouette. I am now longer the svelte and sylph like shape. The ribbing that is placed from the bust line down would not flatter my shape. I also intend to make longer sleeves with a tapered shape. I am not making progress to keep pace with the group, stockinette zombifies me. But I will persist.

Mix #4
Mix #4 geologie, pattern by Kristin Spurkland
Yarn: Nashua Handknits Geologie in citrine colorway on size 7 needles
Despite having a shortfall in the yardage, I have cast on and am enjoying this knit. The yarn has been discontinued and even searching on eBay and on Ravelry, I have not been successful in finding an extra three or four balls. But I knit on. I saw this scarf/shawl at the Shibui yarn tasting and really want it as an accessory. If I get to the end of the yardage and it is not long enough, I will have to frog and select some other yarn. But I will knit on and see how far I get. The pattern staggers the ribbing and creates a sculptural effect.

So, that is what I have been up to.... what is on your needles and in your project bags?

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Karen said…
Everything looks great! I've been wanting to try Quince yarn. Now I know I have to:)
Those are some great projects you have going there!!!!!
fortheknitofit said…
I've heard of Quince but not tried it yet. I'll have to order some! Your WIPs look so good!

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