Work in Progress Wednesday

Gratitude KAL
 I have a number of things on the needles but I want to depart from my typical Wednesday post to share something with you.

Gratitude KAL
1. Chose something to knit for yourself.
2. Join the Fat Squirrel forum group.
3. Enter a post on the Fat Squirrel forum stating what you are working on and list some of the things you are grateful for.
4. Check out the projects of others and their gratitude lists.
5. Wait to see if you are chosen by the random number generator and win a prize.

Daybreak, Stephen West, imported from Ravelry project page
I have chosen to do the Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West as my Gratitude KAL. Amy Beth has asked us to choose to make a wearable item for ourselves.... not for anyone else.... and as when thoughtfully knit on it, we will reflect on the things we have in our lives that we feel grateful for. As we knit and meditate, the immediate response might be felt, but then later, when the project is complete and we wear it, it is hoped that the thoughts and feelings of gratitude will return.

Araucania Huasco
I am enjoying this project because I selected Araucania Huasco, a decadent skein of yarn from my stash. I love watching the colors as I go and the stitch definition is amazing and really makes the colors pop. the pattern is easy enough and I have been working on it for at least 30 minutes each day. This is a large shawl though, so I don't know if I will cast off before the KAL wraps up.

I need to have my head examined... I always pick this palette of hues.
On another note.... Summer Scarf
I spied this yesterday morning while reading Soulemama's blog. I adore the color, I enjoy the texture of stitches, and guess what? It is a free Ravelry download....

Not Quite Summer Scarf, knit by Soulemama
Summer Scarf by Leslie Weber
If you are thinking of joining in on the Gratitude KAL and want to see a delectable scarf pattern that I wish I could cast on.... check this out. I saw this yesterday and now the pattern is riding the crest of the top twenty Ravelry patterns. I got a PM from the designer. She thanked me for my comment (I had left a comment on her pattern page explaining how I had found it) and for solving the mystery of 800 downloads in the past 24 hours!!! The power of a mention on a blog, and a great design.

Please leave a comment if you have any pattern suggestions that others might like to use for their Gratitude KAL project.


I love that color palette too! Good luck with the KAL! And what a great thing to have done for that designer!
Cleo said…
I love your yarn choice for the gratitude KAL. It sounds like a wonderful idea.
Leslie said…
Because you shared the Gratitude KAL - I now have a new project that I really didn't need to start. I have two items with deadlines. Being grateful is so important, so I'm in.
Theo said…
I really want to join the KAL! Is it really OK to join the group just for that?
Erin Mcdonald said…
You need to join the Fat Squirrel forum group on Ravelry to post your progress and to be entered to win prizes, yes...but I'll wager the comments and photos posted will make you feel welcomed and curious to know more. Amy Beth does a weekly podcast that I look forward to watching, I learn, I laugh, I linger, thinking about all the things to make.... :)
unionjgirl said…
I love the idea of this KAL, maybe I can finish my swap crafting in time to do something for myself before it's over!

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