Knit and Crochet Blog Week, Day 1

 Eskimimi, of Eskimimi Makes, is a blogger, knitter, spinner, pattern designer and jack of all trades. She has been sponsoring this week-long blog event for the past four years. I participate for a number of reasons. 
  1. I love getting a writing/thinking challenge, it stretches me in ways I don't come up with by myself. 
  2. I  enjoy seeing what all of the participants write about and have found a number of new blogs to follow each year. 
  3. The third reason is a bit self-serving.... I always hope to gain more followers, and the exposure of Eskimimi's Blog Week helps so much. If you like what you see here, click the button on the right to become a follower, by joining you get an email anytime I do a new post. 
I hope you will indulge my KCBW posts for the next seven days. The challenges will push me to try new media and approaches of showing information, so there may be a learning curve, but I hope to improve the format and content of the blog through the research I will do. (I may add an additional bit of more typical blog info at the end of some of the daily challenges, so scroll down if the prompts aren't interesting to you.  Hopefully I will do my normal WIP Wednesday and FO Friday).

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KCBW Day 1Topic: To Which House Do You Belong?
Today's assignment is to choose one of four houses that best match your knitting philosophy and practice. 
The four houses include:
  • House of Bee-  Bees are busy and industrious, but can flit from one interesting project to the next as bright shiny things that capture their interests.
  • House of Manatee- Manatees are gentle, calm and cuddly. Relaxed and unflashy, they represent the comfort and soft side of knitting and crochet.
  • House of Monkey- Intelligent and with a fun loving side, Monkeys like to be challenged with every project presenting them something new and interesting.
  • House of Peacocks- Peacocks take something good and make it brilliant. Buttons and embellishments and a bit of sparkle proves that perfection lies in the details- like a Peacock's tail.

My knitting and stash enhancement style falls into the House of Bee, if you have ever been with me while shopping for yarn, or at Knit Night, or even just in conversation... you'll note that I have more than a touch of Knitter's ADD. I do flit from one thing to another. I have the bad habit of hijacking the conversation topic back to yarn and knitting. I constantly check the Ravelry Top Twenty Patterns and consequently, my Ravelry Queue is over 100 items long, I have over 1450 patterns in my Ravelry Favorites. (Yes, that number is correct.... I need to get in there a neaten up and delete some of the old ones that are no longer qualifying as favorite).  In defense of such prodigious collecting of patterns, I now have that mid-life memory loss issue. If it is in my Favorites or my Queue, at least I have narrowed down the places I have to look to find what I want.

I have been writing a lot about my stash lately. It is embarrassing, even to me standing alone in my room with no witnesses, to see how grand the pile has grown. What with Windsor Button closing and my visit to Saco River DyeHouse and Yarns, I have had a hard time saying no to a good deal. If you ever observe me in shopping mode, I tend to look first for the colors that make me happy, saturated jewel tones, slow transitional dyes and yarn that just feels good to hold and later, knit. I am a bumbling bee, flitting from here to there, but in my busy-ness... I do get a lot done. My stores of honey/completed projects is something I am proud of.

Side Topic.  also known as me, rambling....
Are you still there? Do you have a minute for a story? It is a good one... I'll try to be quick.
I have been trying hard to list my stash on Ravelry, so at least I know what I have and how much. I also thought I should de-stash some of the skeins that have been malingering. I listed four or five types and waited. Actually, I forgot I had them listed for sale.... memory loss again. I got a note from a fellow Raveler, Marli. I had some yarn in stash and she wanted it. So I messaged back and we did an exchange, here is what I sent....

Crystal Palace Squiggle
Crystal Palace Squiggle
And here is what I got in return....
Kerry Woolen Mills Aran, 350 yards. From Ireland!!!!!
I was so very excited to pass along the novelty yarn that was a fail in my project attempts, and in turn I got Wool from Ireland! My father's family is still living in County Claire and County Kerry, so I was touched to add that fiber to stash.

Are you curious what Marli needed the Squiggle for? I was, I messaged and asked, and she sent me a photo of the market bags that she makes. She plans an Esty shop, I will give a heads up when she opens it.  I now realize I have tempted you with seeing a photo and it won't appear. Here is the description, put your imagination cap on.... ready? It is a sturdy basket with handle, about 12 inches tall, knit in a black yarn that has been felted, and the Squiggle is knit into a band at the top edge of the bag. So very pretty. I thought it would make a cute Easter Basket too.

I got some more Squiggle and will trade for more of the Kerry Woolen Mills Aran....this is what I am sending...
Four skeins of Squiggle for more basket enhancement.
So, in closing, why do I bother to share this with you? Maybe it will encourage you to put some of your yarn up for sale or swap on Ravelry. It is easy, go to your yarn stash page, select edit, then go to the Stash Tab, click the drop down menu, select Will Trade or Sell. Maybe this little story will be an example of the friendships made on Ravelry when you open yourself up to the possibilities.


Vivianne said…
That squiggle yarn looks interesting to work with :)
I love what you say about trying to talk about yarn whenever possible in a conversation !
Ravelry is really lovely indeed, I have to sort my stash and put some item on swap or trade there, see how it goes ! My stash feels too big and it's embarassing me too...
Becky said…
Its so nice to find another knitter who will happily admit to having Knitters ADD!! I will endeavour to list some of my stash on Rav, there is so much that I know I won't ever use that it'd be nice for someone else to get pleasure from.... that is once I've checked Rav's Top Twenty Patterns again....
Mari Chiba said…
I also love finding new blogs during blog week, and new followers are always good too!
Karen said…
A large and varied stash is the sign of a creative mind, or so I tell myself anyway:)
Amy said…
omg...I suffer from knitter's ADD too. My faves and queue are not quite as impressive as yours...but getting there!

Hope to meet you in person at the CT sheep and wool festival :D
Voie de Vie said…
Ok, only 100 in your queue? You're a slacker, dearie. :) I officially have the Queue.That.Will.Outlive.Me.

Glad to see Boston representin'.
wow that is a giant ass queue!! And over 1400 things in your favourites - i don't even know how to comprehend that!!!! Have a knitty Monday xx
autumngeisha said…
I have mid-life memory loss issues too, LOL! Great point about using the ravelry yarn stash feature. I need to start using it.
bookworm-Mary said…
Knitter's ADD is definitely a real thing :)
It's great that you are able to trade with other ravelers like this!
Cyprienne said…
Sweet, Irish yarn! Stay strong, Boston Bee!
Cleo said…
Hey I'm a Bee too! That yarn looks great. I love the color.
Jen Hagan said…
Oh, you got a good return on that swap! I love Kerry Woolen Mills yarn and usually get it from our local Irish shop. I have never tried any of their dyed yarn, though. Lucky you!

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