Saturday... To Market, to market, then to Maine, and home again to Cambridge... a busy day.

A Haymarket vendor stand filled with brightly colored fruits and veggies.
I dangled a tidbit of my agenda here in yesterday's post before leaving to drive to Maine with my local knit group friend, Sarah, little did I know how chock-a-block full of excitement was in store.
The day started early with a trip to Haymarket to buy veggies and fruit for the week. The colors of the vendor stands were so brilliant, so I share them here. The prices and the freshness of the produce inspires me to cook! I have plans to make a vegetable soup, a red sauce, and balsamic glazed strawberry dessert.

I hustled home with my bags, emptied them, and then packed a project bag with a scarf I am knitting for the road trip North. Sarah and I had both read Clara Parkes' recent Knitter's Review post of upcoming events that invited us to attend a new yarn shop opening in Biddeford, Maine. I had been a bit reluctant to drive North for the day (it tends to cut into my knitting time) but with Sarah as driver, I could indulge.

Biddeford is an old mill town about 1 1/4 hour drive from Boston. Historically, it was the home of a number of textile businesses. Now, many of the buildings stand quietly awaiting rejuvenation.  Saco River Yarns is situated in a warehouse space that is also home to Saco River Dyehouse. I have so much to share with you, so I will again tease you with some snapshots, and promise to tell you more tomorrow. Hey, did I forget to mention.... we saw the Great White Bale!!!!!!!!!!

Brightly hued yarn, reminiscent of Easy Mac?
We so enjoyed ourselves, but when the tour and open house ended and we had purchased our Jenga stacks of yarn, we headed out to have a sandwich before returning to Boston. And later, we stopped in for Amy Herzog's event, sponsored by Porter Square Books, in Cambridge. Uh, yeah.... we did both in one day. I was on sensory overload, smiling blissfully most of the day., as you might have noted in the photo above!!

Sarah, with her stack of "seconds" skeins, 8 pounds worth. At $3.00 a pound.... yep!
So, check here tomorrow for photos and some of the tales told by the dyehouse owner/manager  Claudia Raessler. We met Clara Parkes and just missed Hannah Fettig, and I even met up with a friend from long ago and her mom. So check back tomorrow to hear more of The Dyehouse and Yarn shoo and then on Tuesday, I will have the details on Amy Herzog's event and her new book Knit to Flatter.


Alicia Landi said…
Oh my, what an exciting day! Consider me jealous!
Cleo14 said…
Wow that's a great deal! Sounds like you all had fun.
Carol said…
Will add Saco River Yarns to my list of places to visit when I head to Maine in a few weeks. Sounds like you had a great day!
Kathleen Dames said…
Ooh, I always love finding out about a new yarn store in one of my regions (NYC, Coastal Maine/Boston, Chicagoland, and Door County, Wisconsin). I'll definitely check it out this summer when we are up there. Can't wait to see/read more.

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