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I have been in an altered state of mind this week, shock, sadness, wonderment at humans who could so viciously attack innocent bystanders.... for what purpose? And then, the middle of the week, I had temporary agoraphobia, I was reluctant to venture intown for fear of being involved in some upcoming episode of more mayhem.

But venture I did. Earlier in the week I had offered my help to Susan, owner of the shop, in doing inventory and bagging the yarns at Windsor Button. Such gargantuan piles of work to do and she had limited staffing, so I showed up Thursday and worked from 9:30 to 5:30. Counting, tagging and logging inventory.  Earlier on in the sale, I volunteered to help customers and replenish stock, out of respect and admiration to someone whose business was terminating unexpectedly. Susan offered yarn as pay at that time and I added quite a number of Madelinetosh skeins to my stash, who could say no to that? Obviously not me. Working during the start of the sale allowed me to meet and hear from the many crafters who have been shopping at Windsor for many, many years. I felt lucky to hear their stories and to help them add a skein or two to their stashes. Working at the end, well to tell the truth, I was hoping for closure of the attachment I have to this place.

Here is a view of what fiber-y goodness I earned on Thursday.
Sheepfeet, Sheep Shop Yarn Company
Sheepfeet in the Lilac colorway. This is 100% Merino wool with 218 yards to a 100 gram ball, I got two, so that means I have 436 yards to play with. I love the combination of shades which make me think more of pansies than lilacs. I plan to find a shawl pattern and will look for a complimentary shade of yarn in either the dark reddish brown or purple tones.

Mountain Colors, Bearfoot
Bearfoot from Mountain Colors, 60% Superwash, 25% mohair, 15% nylon, in the colorway Rich Red. This 100 gram skein has 350 yards of fingering weight yarn. (I know my friend Julie is probably yelling "Now you have to take up knitting socks!" because she doesn't understand how I haven't fallen into that rabbit hole yet). It is so soft and squishy that I really would rather wrap it around my neck. Wish there had been more skeins left, it would have made a nice sweater.

Cascade 220 Heathers
I wish Cascade gave their yarns names instead of numbers. I might call this Hershey, chocolate, you know? This hue is a blending of chocolate brown and a reddish brown. I got two skeins and have no ideas yet for what this will become.

Mountain Colors, Merino Ribbon
Mountain Colors, Merino Ribbon, Alpine colorway. The 100 gram skein has 245 yards of 80% Super Fine Merino wool and 20% nylon, I got two skeins. I am thinking of making a scarf or cowl knit in a welted style, the stitches will show of the beauty of the yarn in this way.

These two skeins are real prizes and need to become something I will remember the Windsor Button Shop whenever I wear it.  Susan and her store brought me up from a knitter who was making fun fur scarves back in the 1999/2000 years, then I graduated to whatever I could score with my half-off coupon at A. C. Moore.  Then, I happened into the shop and was slowly transformed. Now, I look first at the higher end yarns. I know, I know, crazy right?  I have learned so much about matching yarn to pattern, about making a leap of faith with inspirations and attempts at ideas. Susan was a ready advisor and I always felt so encouraged by her attentions. I do believe that is the thing I will be missing the most.

Noro, Silver Thaw
Silver Thaw, is an aran weight yarn comprised of 50% wool, 25% angora, 25% nylon. It is very soft for Noro and have two skeins totaling 440 yards. As for what it will become....well, research is needed. Not sure if it will be one or two projects....

So, I could go on and on about how the reality of life here in Boston shifted last week. I could tell you, implore you, to pray for the victims and the sad souls who played a role in this savagery, but that stuff may already be a part of your daily practice. I know it is for me.

I have so many things I want to share with you and promise to get back to posting regularly in the upcoming week.  For now, peace, love and hope, I send those graces out to each of you. And go out and soak up some sun, I think Spring is finally here to stay.


Alicia Landi said…
<3 lovely yarn and lovely words
unionjgirl said…
Some beautiful yarn you have there, I'm sure knitting it will help you remember the good times with your departing LYS. Hoping the coming weeks allow you to start feeling a little more normal again.
Kris said…
Lovely post, beautiful yarn. And we have a frost outside this morning. :o/
Carol said…
Nice selection of yarns and I'm sure you feel good about helping Windsor Buttons close things out. Another lovely post.

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