Works in Progress Wednesday, a brief hiccup in my 4KCBW posting

Drizzle, by MSkiKnits, Forest Greener- Worsted
Drizzle, pattern by Mel of SingleHandedKnits
Yarn: Forest Greener, worsted on size 5 needles
This is Mel's second hat pattern and it is fun to knit and more fun to wear. The brim is knit loosely, so as not to leave any marks on your forehead. There are three sizes, fitted, slouchy, and super slouchy. This hat is going to be slouchy.

I vowed not to cast on another thing until I finished something, but there is something soothing about knitting a hat, and after this week of sadness and tension, soothing was what the doctor ordered. Most of the week I found myself unable to focus or get anything done correctly. I finally decided to cast on when I found some leftovers of this hand-dyed yarn. I do love my first Drizzle, why not have two?

Zilver, by Lisa Mutch, Knitting Fever- Whispers
 Zilver, by Lisa Mutch of Northbound Knitting
Yarn: Knitting Fever, Whispers in size 7 needles.
I picked this yarn up on the final day of Windsor Button's closing sale. I am not sure how this is going to look until I get it blocked; right now it is so scrunched on the circular needle that it is hard to tell if I will like it. The pastel colors are not my cuppa tea, but it can always go into the "Gift" box.

Mel of SinglehandedKnits tipped me off to this pattern almost a year ago and I have to say it is a fun and semi mindless knit. You don't have to focus too hard, but it isn't Stockinette Zombifying either. To do it justice, this shawl really deserves to made again, in Madelinetosh or a good sock yarn.

Guernsey, by Jared Flood in Cascade Eco+
Guernsey, by Jared Flood
Yarn: Cascade Eco+ on size 8 needles
I cast this on a while back, inspired late one Friday after hearing from Julie that it was a fun knit and AmyBeth of FatSquirrelSpeaks was making one, so I jumped on that bandwagon. It is charted and I need to either maximize it on the iPad or sit in good light with reading glasses. Up until this week I had only 12 inches done, but I did over twenty inches one afternoon while watching reruns of favorite movies Moonstruck, You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. The movies are more like company, I find I put them on when no one is home and I need to have someone to talk to. (Ok that sounds truly weird, sorry).

Gratitude KAL, in Araucania Huasco and IndigoDragonfly Baldersquatch

Daybreak by Stephen West
This is one of those more expensive yarns I mentioned earlier in the week. I think the Araucania cost 24.00 and initially, I hesitated. Now, it just might be elbowing Madelinetosh out of the way to be my go-to "nice" yarn. I love the twist and the colors are like knitting with Noro, it keeps you enthralled as you watch the shift of color through your fingers. It is an easy enough pattern, but with the distractions of the week, I made a few booboos and had to tink back to fix them. 

This shawl is an entry in the Gratitude KAL that AmyBeth, of FatSquirrelSpeaks podcast, is sponsoring over on her Forum board. This is the second year for this knitting event, which involves choosing a wearable item to knit for yourself, and as you knit, you should knit reflectively and think of the many things you are grateful for. As AmyBeth says, you acknowledge the good things in your life as you make the item and it should bring you consolation in low times when you wear it in the future.
I have a few stories of Gratitude, yes with a capital G, but I am saving them for when I cast this off, stay tuned.

(The hiccup in my 4KCBW blog posting is that I can't figure out how to upload Day 3's info-graphic. I waited and waited for help from the site, but got too tired, and annoyed, so I had this in the can and am sharing some of the things currently keeping me busy. Hopefully, I will have 4KCBWDays 3 and 4 up tomorrow).

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Alicia Landi said…
So many great colors you're knitting with!
Beautiful work and a lovely array of knits. Thanks for sharing. (I really must learn to knit faster!)

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