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Tisbury Bag, There's No Place Like Ohm. $34.00

Tisbury Bag, O Great and Powerful Oz. $34.00

Interior of Oz bag with finished seams.

Cottage bag, Pups in a Row. $24.00

Tisbury Bag, Black Dog, Get in the Truck. $34.00

Cottage Bag, Fairy Blue Bells. $24.00

Each bag has a zipper pull that compliments the fabric theme.
Cottage Bag, O Great and Powerful Oz. $24.00
Moon Cusser Bags
Swear-Free Toteability: Let Us Do the Cussin' First!
The name of the bag was inspired by an old coffee house on Martha's Vineyard.

My good friend and knitter partner in crime Julie, aka Inky077 on Ravelry, has just opened her Etsy shop with project bags and they are too cute. Here is a run down.

Cottage Bag dimensions: 6.5 inches long, 5.5 inches tall, 4 inches wide. The fabric is cotton, the bag is lined and has interfacing to create the stand alone quality knitters appreciate. Each bag has a theme related zipper pull.

Tisbury Bag dimensions: 9.5 inches long, 4.5 inches tall, 5 inches wide. There's room to hold a one or two skein project, or it could also serve as a cosmetics bag.

Go visit and "Favorite" the Etsy shop, or "Like" the Facebook page. And check back as more bags are added!


eileen cashin said…
Love your blog, so much fun and I am learning a lot from you, like the Dyehouse, thanks I share this with my spinning guild FB page when I can.
Jean said…
I discovered a great yarn shop this morning and thought you might like to hear about it. It's called Mother of Purl and is located on Rte.1 just outside of Freeport, ME. Well worth a visit the next time you come up to Maine.
Erin Mcdonald said…
To Eileen and Jean, thanks for your comments. I wonder where you are both living? Jen, I am guessing you live in Maine? I hope to get uo to the area for some vacation time and will be sure to check out Mother of Purl. I have heard great things about the shop and it's atmosphere. A number of people that went to Spa in February talked about it. As for learning a lot from reading the blog, thanks!!! That is my aim, to share what I learn as I troll all things knitting on the 'net. And I plan to write more about the Dyehouse but they are doing a Kickstarted for the next three weeks. Check here later today (6/26) for more info.
And... thanks for reading and even more gratitude for leaving me comments!!!!

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