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If you have been reading this blog lately, you might recall the visit I made to the Saco River Dyehouse back in April. (I also visited the Saco River Yarns; read more about that here).

So, today I have more information to share with you and it involves a fundraiser.
  • Are you the type to contribute to local fundraisers? 
  • Do you chip in a few bucks when at a community event? 
  • Do you want to support a local business that is striving to do things the right way? 
  • Would you support a group that seeks to have the smallest possible carbon footprint, that wants to do organic dyeing and that strives to grow an industry in a historic mill that has been resurrected? 
  • How about jobs? Would you seek to invest in a company that employs American workers on this continent? 
  • Can I ask you to consider joining me in making a small donation?  
I know, I know....  I can hear you saying "You are asking me too many questions... just get to the point already...."

So here is the skinny: Claudia and Ken and their partners want to create a new line of yarn using organic dyes, achieving this will align with their plan to grow their local business in an environmentally respectful way. You can help if you join in the Kickstarter event.

Wait let me just say one  word to persuade you.


Ok, now I have your attention, right?

Go to this link and watch the video. Read up on the recent success of this Kickstarter project. With only 9 days since the actual launch, there are 357 backers who have contributed to the current total of $26,626. I hope I can encourage you to contribute. Check out the banner on the right side of the Kickstarter page for the incentive swag that comes with larger donations.

If you contribute:
  • $2.00 or more, you get a heartfelt thank you and an invitation to follow the Dyehouse Facebook page.
  • $5.00 or more, your name will be added to the Kickstarter Wall of Fame.
  • $18.00 or more, you will get one of three poster sized illustrations of the Dyehouse, and your name will be added to the Kickstarter Wall of Fame.
  • $48.00 or more, you will get two 4 ounce skeins of Dyehouse Organic Yarn, a Dyehouse t-shirt or cap, and your name will be added to the Kickstarter Wall of Fame.
  • $65.00 or more, you will get four skeins of DK weight alpaca/merino blend or organic wool/tencel blend in a Dyehouse Knitter's Bag of Organic Yarn and your name will be added to the Kickstarter Wall of Fame.
  • $115 or more, you will get the Ultimate Knitter's Bag filled with eight skeins of yarn, a t-shirt or cap and your name will be added to the Kickstarter Wall of Fame.
  • $275 or more, will get you a half day visit to the Dyehouse, where you will see the dyeing process and you can meet the Dyerhouse team, be treated to lunch and a you also get the t-shirt or cap and your name on the Kickstarter Wall of Fame.
  • $2400 or more, you win the Ultimate Event. Your name will be displayed on a special section of the Kickstarter Wall of Fame. You will get visit to the Dyehouse, and meet the Dyehouse team. A Maine Lobster Bake will be set up for you at the Dyehouse (minimum of five, maximum of 10 people). You also get the Knitter's Bag, filled with four skeins of yarn and a t-shirt or cap.

Again, let me say just one word to enable you....


Now just a tidbit about Kickstarter...  Have you ever heard of it?  Kickstarter is a social media tool for crowd funding that has been around for about five years. Instead of throwing a local fund raiser that will be attended by any friends and family you guilt into coming, Kickstarter can go internet viral. Through social media, a fund drive can be spread far and wide by through Twitter, Facebook, and spreading the word to friends. A donation can be as small as two dollars, or it can be much more substantial.  The crowd funding money is used only if the organizers meet their target goal for funds. Here is a link to the Wikipedia site. Scroll down to see a spreadsheet of successful funding events. It will amaze and inspire you.

I have given you some news to ponder, to share, and I hope, to act upon. You love to knit, right? You love to support American made, correct? You have the tools to make an impact here. Consider donating to the Saco River Dyehouse Kickstarter.  Stay up to date with the progress on the Saco River Dyehouse Facebook page here. Go and "Like" the page, add it to your news feed.

One more time, the password is



Carol said…
I donated and it's been great to see that they reached their goal so quickly.

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