What's on the needles?

All this time I may not have been blogging, but I have been knitting. I have two finished objects that are needing to be blocked and photographed. I should have them ready for a Friday FO post.

Hibernating WIPs
Hoaloha, it is past this stage, but this is my best capture of the true color.
The Levenwick sweater is further along, but this image shows the collar area.
I have been craving summer weight yarns and projects but I have been insisting to myself that I must cast off a few things that have been lingering in my project bags. I also scrutinized the other WIPs I had been working on and frogged some. I frogged, or ripped out, because I decided I didn't like the fabric I was getting. I cleared my WIPs queue down considerably. I still have two sweaters lingering, the Hoalaoha and my Levenwick. Both are further along than the photos, but I used these images to capture the color or collar detail.

Are you sitting down? I know you will probably try and tell me I'm nuts, but I think I may rip out and begin again. I see so many sloppy joins in the Levenwick, and I wish I had made the collar on smaller needles for  a firmer fabric that would stand up. It is still on the needles, but my other challenge is trying to knit the second sleeve without my notes. I don't recall how many stitches I had on the holder and how many I picked up. In the name of symmetry, I add this concern to the "Frog or not" decision.

WIPs, aka Works in Progress
Here is what I am currently working on.

Miami Beach Shawl, by Vera Sanon
Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton on size 7 needles
This yarn has been sitting in stash since 2010. I bought it from Stitch House before I understood matching yarn to a pattern. I had planned to make the  Que Sera sweater, but it calls for worsted weight and the Ultra Pima is a DK. Instead of a cardigan I decided on a shawl accessory piece. I like the pattern and found it went quickly, but there are short rows ahead and that is always a bit of a stumbling block for me. I will report back next week with results, hopefully a finished object!

Sanibel Cowl by Beth Ann Paustian
Yarn: Novelty yarn, 2 ply shrimp and taupe rayon, from the Saco River Dyehouse and Yarn shop sale room. Knitting with size 8 needles.
The pattern was suggested by my friend Julie of the blog Urban Mouse Country House.  I am enjoying the ease of working up this pattern. I find it to be a "potato chip" knit, one where it is difficult to stop working on. The yarn is a two ply rayon in taupe and shrimp, it is one of the yarns I bought at the Saco River Dyehouse opening event where the sale room was filled with bags of yarn.

For $3.00 a pound, I got all of this.... seven pounds worth!

Long Time No See Summer KAL
We have a Ravelry group called The East Coast Knitters. I urge you to become a member of the group. In order to be in the drawing, you'll need to post a photo and description of the project at the start. You will come back to the same post, click the edit button and add your finished object photo to be eligible to win one of a number of prizes.

Julie has been busy sewing project bags, one of which will be a prize, and I will gift you a Ravelry pattern of your choice (value up to $7.00). Consider joining in, the pattern is easy and lightweight and will make a nice accessory for summer.


Boston Knitter said…
The way I look at it is, if you're not happy with the mistakes now, that won't change. If you don't think you'll wear your sweater because of sloppy joins or because you're not happy with the collar, it's time to frog. I did a sweater once, followed the pattern to the letter, blocked it, seamed it, and hated it. And the whole time I worked on it I was less than thrilled, but I "had" to finish it for a wedding. Nightmare, let me tell you. So after the wedding, I frogged it and rewound the yarn and let it marinate in the stash (of course it was only after all that that I found the errata). So I say frog for your own piece of mind, because you probably won't be happy with your sweater unless you do.
Erin Mcdonald said…
Thanks for your comment. I so agree with your sentiment, but people who don't knit think I am cracked to rip out and start again. I guess the expectation of attaining perfection varies with each individual, along with sanity and peace of mind, right?

Also, a comment to readers who got repeated update emails, I apologize. The blogger format appears to have omitted the "Save" button... in order to edit and add the missing text from my final entry, I had to go back numerous times. I'm sorry if Blogger blew up your mailbox with updated posts.
Farmgirl Susan said…
Your knitting creations are all so beautiful! :)

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