Oh the summer bliss of a full day ahead and no commitments....

Slate on Twitter posted this amazing time lapse film of the Northern Lights.
(Ok, the photo does not fit the current hazy, hot, and humid weather, but a girl can dream of cooler climes, right?)

I have had the happy fate of enjoying a full week with no commitments, no scheduled things that HAVE. TO. BE. DONE. NOW! I can do whatever I want.... Well, now, that freedom scares me just a tad. There is such a range of things I'd like to do, which will win out?

Naps have been a part of the picture, if I feel like dreaming in full color for twenty minutes, there is nothing stopping me.

If I want to spend the day sifting through papers, clippings, notes and mail, I can do just that and stop whenever I get bored or have had enough.

Vacation, I love you.

I have been knitting, watching podcasts, and surfing some of my favorite www spots.
  • The Knitgirlls and Stockinette Zombies respectively tell of TNNA and Zombie Knitpocalypse Retreat
  • On the Yarn Harlot blog, Stephanie Pearl McPhee speaks of her Canadian pride in the health care options available there, and then on Twitter she contributes to a thread of funny Canadian mottoes, #CanadianSexEphemisms. 
  • Clara Parkes shared her escapades hosting Auntcamp and bakes a cake for a special day. 
  • Bristol Ivy gives us the Stockinette Report, a cool graphic display of trends in the knit-mosphere. 
  • I watched this six minute long video of the northern lights on Slate/Twitter and I must say I was torn with choosing which was most spectacular... the lights or the constellations.... give it a full view. I predict you'll begin watching the airfare rates to Scandinavia.
  • I watched this movie and loved the atmosphere, the wardrobe and the interiors of the two main character's homes. Check out Take This Waltz.
The Fiber Factor
And finally I leave you with a Big Fat OMG!!!!! Have you heard of Skacel's Fiber Factor? No??? Well, I suggest you block out some time to watch the contestant videos and then immerse yourself in Challenges One and Two.  Challenge Three was released Monday and so the videos for that will be forthcoming. Fiber Factor is a competition between twelve knitters who range in age and ability. They are given a set of Addi Clicks, $200.00 worth of Skacel yarn and a defined challenge. It is interesting to see how each interprets the challenge and then to watch the judges select a winner. Clara Parkes and Franklin Habit are two of the judges in challenge One. Stephen West and Mary Jane Mucklestone are just two of judges in the second challenge. I recommend you check this out. I don't know how they are creating a garment in three weeks while living their normal lives. Talk about pressure!

Challenge One was to "Knit Your Life". The "About the Contestants" videos are helpful in understanding the inspiration and execution of the projects. Progress videos are here and judging videos are here.

Talitha Kuomi won this challenge with a beautiful sweater featuring a number of unique embellishments at the sleeve edge, the back neck edge and front cutout detail. It looks great on her, you'll see if you watch the video.

Talitha Kuomi's Nigamo.
Challenge Two, Color Inside the Box,  asked contestant to use a box sweater format and colorwork. Progress videos here, judging here. This competition had two winners, Tracy Purstcher's Boxes in Boxes, and Rachel Henry's Hillcrest. Go to this link and scroll down to "Slideshow" to see the photos of the entries for Challenge Two.

Tracy Purstcher's Boxes in Boxes.

Challenge Two asked the contestants to create a boxy sweater using a form of colorwork.
In the second challenge, the contestants were asked to create a boxy sweater and embellish it with a form of colorwork. There were two winners, one of the patterns is now featured on Ravelry.  Hillcrest is a pattern created by Rachel Henry, a knitter living in Tewksbury, MA. She was inspired by the stained glass windows of a Frank Llyod Wright house in Manchester, NH.

Challenge Three, Blank Slate, asks the contestants to design something that will be the next "It" project, the next popular pattern that everyone is talking about and wanting to knit. The reasoning behind this challenge is for the knitters to think of what will sell in the yarn shops. They can use up to fifteen skeins of HiKoo Kenzie yarn by Skacel. It needs to be 80% knitted and other additions are allowed if they want to add fabric or beading or some other fiber element. It will be interesting to see what emerges.

I want to tell you more of some of the other things I have found while surfing the web, but dream time is calling. Manana, I will share with you a KAL and new pattern release, plus the chance to order yarn for this KAL at a discount from Saco River Yarn shop!


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