Wednesday, works in progress.... a few days late.

My Leethal Knitting Adventures have led me down a few paths.
I have been knitting, despite the heat, the humidity, and the unhappiness I feel when the weather gets like this. Me no like-y. I truly would rather be tromping in 15 inches of snow. I am working at summer school in a location on the other side of the city and I take the T for over an hour each way. This means there has been WIP progress in air conditioned trolley cars and buses. Plus, I have been knitting with linen and that makes it more palatable to work with when the thermometer reads 99 and it is 11PM. Uh, yeah, it was hot, hot, hot!

Central spine of Askew
Askew, Linda Mutch, Northbound Knitting
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarn Firefly on size 4 needles
I do love this pattern so much. And the fiber. It does require  that I keep checking my stitches near the central spine, one slip and it is really noticeable. I am on my third skein and may keep going through the fourth.

Noro Hotaru Garter Scarf
 Noro Hotaru Garter Scarf
Yarn: Alchemy Yarns of Transformation-Juniper and Noro Hotaru on size 10 needles
The Alchemy is very hard to photograph, the true color is a purple with blue undertones. This is a great commuting knit and I have gotten quite a bit done

Central Yarns Muh-muh Shawl
 Central Yarns Muh-Muhs Shawl, pattern by Isabell Kraemer
Yarn: Berroco Boboli and Ultra Alpaca on size 9 needles
This is finished, blocked and just needs some weaving in of a few ends. In the photo, the garter tab cast on looks a bit funny, due to the way I arranged the folds of fabric. I love how it turned out after some pretty vigorous blocking. It stretched far enough to become more than a shawlette.

I will definitely be using the gold and variegated, not sure yet if the Knit Picks will be needed.
Leethal's Adventure Knit-Along
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted, Forest Greener, worsted weight on size 9 needles
I do like KALs (Knit-A-Longs) and sometimes I join one, not knowing what I will actually be knitting. It is a mix of fun and wonder. Sometimes the unknown gets me sitting on the edge of my seat with a new technique or style, but I do them because I like learning new things and my knitting tool box always needs revamping.

I found Lee Meredith's (Rav/Leethal) Adventure KAL on Twitter and joined because I admire the edgey patterns she creates and I like the highly contrasting colors in the bright and bold spectrum of the palette that she uses. It is a paid pattern and I really think you get so much value in this design. I  like to "vote with my dollars" or support, and promote newer, younger designers.

Lee has used a new technique in the design of this KAL. The pattern is written as an adventure where you first choose a path to follow: Aqua Passage, Orange Trail, Green Byway or Gold Route. These names indicate the size of your project from something toe grace your neck, head, hands or as a gift. The second set of adventures asks you to choose a tree to climb, with each tree being a particular stitch pattern: the trees include Bristlecone Pine, Giant Redwood, Birch tree or Basket tree. I just downloaded the third set of instructions and they tell me how to add details to my current WIP. The options include: Play in the River, Have Camp Fun, Swing From Vines or Try the Footpath. Each of these directions, like the trees climbed earlier, knit up a stitch pattern that is inspired by the activity. I don't want to give too much away, but I am enjoying the options and the techniques that I am learning.

So I am following the Aqua Passage, climbing the Bristlecone Pine, and Playing in the River.  I admit, at first I was at a loss with where I should begin my adventure. I was eager to get started and became a little frustrated that I was not getting the drape I wanted with the yarn I had selected. I ripped out and tried another yarn and size needle. This too was a disappointment. I dug deeper in the stash and found a few skeins I had forgotten about. I am now knitting with the solid gold Lamb's Pride.  I love the color and the stitch definition. I have not made it very far, I am still doing the Climb the Tree part but I am loving the pattern so far and eagerly await the arrival of the final set of directions.


WonderWhyGal said…
It's actually chilly here in Michigan and I like that. I am very intrigued by the Mystery KAL. I can't wait to see what you create. It looks like it would be a fun adventure with all of those clues.
Cleo said…
I love the muh muh shawl! It makes me think of a night sky.
Inky077 said…
Omg you pick out the best patterns and match yarns perfectly. I love the texture of the Leethal knit. Well done, you!
elns said…
Great post. I was just wondering how knitters in hot and humid summer regions knit so much! And your WIPs are lovely. I love the yarn choices and combinations as well! Very nice!

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