Work in Progress Wednesday #153

Works in Progress
I have a number of things on the needles now. I am commuting to a summer school job and I am on the train/bus for at least an hour each way. This means I am getting some knitting time in. Here is what I have going on.....

Pattern: Thendara, Stephen West from WestKnits Book Three
Yarn: IndigoDragonFly Merino Silk in colorway, Not Your Regular Heart Medication and Swan's Island Natural Colors Merino Fingering in colorway grey on size 4 needles.
I cast this on over the Fourth of July holiday while on the Vineyard. My friend Julie invited me down and I wanted to start this while I had some focus time. The pattern is easy enough to follow and when I work on it I get into a rhythm. I do love these two colors together, I found a linen sundress in Oak Bluffs that will go well with it.

Hotaru garter scarf
Pattern: simple garter stitch
Yarn: Noro Hotaru, Alchemy Yarns of Transformation, colorway Jupiter on size 10 needles
I bought the Noro quite a long time ago at Stitch House. Each time I have tried to use it, it was a big FAIL. I had been pairing it with some orange sock yarn but the contrast wasn't bold enough. While visiting Julie's LYS, Vineyard Knitworks, I found this yarn and liked the combination. I take this to work each day and it has been zooming along. I cast on 55 stitches and just knit garter stitch. I am not sure how long it will get to be with just one ball of Alchemy, I may need a second.

Central Yarns Muh-Muh shawl
Pattern: Muh-muhs by Isabel Kramer
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Berroco Boboli on size 9 needles
First, the pattern name was inspired by a candy I have never heard of.... in case you wonder what the heck it is.... I bought the yarn while on vacation in Maine one summer about three years ago. It became a moebius cowl but I never really liked how it turned out so I frogged it and decided the Muh-Muhs shawl would be a nice showcase. It is a simple garter shawl; I have not gotten to the border yet which will be a lace stitch pattern. I haven't been knitting on it much due to the high temperatures lately.

 Pattern: Askew by Lisa Mutch of Northbound Knits
Yarn: Firefly, Classic Elite Yarns on size 4 needles
I have never used linen before and thought it might make summer knitting more palatable. The Firefly yarn is not a problem to knit with but I have to pay attention to my tension as I knit. This is a hypnotic knit and I have worked on it a lot during commute times. The shawl design is simple but edgy in style; I think it will be a cool accessory once it is finished. If you have not heard of Northbound Knits, go and see her yarns and patterns.

Work in Progress Wednesday is a weekly feature at Tami's Amis, go there if you'd like to check out the WIPs other knitters are doing.


Popping over from Tami's, really pretty wip's on the needles at the moment, in particual Askew, I've not used Linen before either and Thendara is just wonderful.
Carrie Duvall said…
KEEP ON KNITTING! And you are doing quite a bit of it.
I really like the yarn, its so bright and happy.
I enjoy taking a peek at others creations. Thanks for sharing.

With All That I Am
Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker
Wow, so many gorgeous projects. Thendara is really lovely and now I'm sorely tempted to cast one on too!
Boston Knitter said…
I love Isa's patterns. Your pictures look great, and you've reminded me that I owe my blog a similar post!
Carol said…
Discovered Northbound Knits through your blog and I really like her patterns. Your projects look like they are great for commuter knitting.

Erin Mcdonald said…
Thank you to all who have left comments. I have been getting many page views lately, but my friends at Tami's Amis seem to be the most apt to leave a comment. Thanks so much.
Cleo said…
All of you W.I.P.s are pretty, but I especially like the garter scarf. Something about the contrasting types of yarn....
onescrappychick said…
Ohh, I'm going to the Vineyard next month for my anniversary. We went last year but stayed for a short time. Looking forward to checking out yarn shops this year. What fun!

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