Hatopia, Woolly Wormhead

Castiel, by Woolly Wormhead
If you love knitting hats, let me introduce you to Woolly Wormhead. She is an amazing designer with innovative ideas. On Ravelry, her page is loaded patterns for beautiful hats. The patterns come with clear details and links to tutorials for learning new techniques. I love a pattern that steps up my skill set, don't you?

Limpetoile, by Woolly Wormhead
So now I ask you, are you interested in obtaining a limited edition collection of Woolly Wormhead hat patterns? Are you eager to support one of the many independent designers? Does the need to play a part in an act of social justice rev you up? Or, would you love a great deal on patterns?

Runway, Woolly Wormhead
Hatopia is an e-book collection of hat patterns and is only available through the end of August. The price of entry is nine pounds UK (14.40 US dollars) for ten patterns. The e-book is 46 pages, chock full of photos, patterns directions, instructions for techniques used, and links to helpful videos. Two thirds of the money will be used for a good cause. Please consider jumping in on this fundraiser- promote an amazing designer, add a beautiful collection of patterns to your e-bookshelf, and support a worthy cause.

Weekender Beret, by Woolly Wormhead
During the month of August, Woolly Wormhead is selling Hatopia in e-book format only and will use the proceeds to hire legal representation in the fight against the eviction of residents of a unique artist colony. Will you be a part of their fight? Consider perusing the collection and plunking down your contribution.

Encircle, by Woolly Wormhead
Mutonia is an artist/travelers community in Northern Italy. One resident in the town is fighting to remove the occupants and close down the art filled park where residents live in caravans or campers. Woolly Wormhead is asking for our help. Join me and download this book to your computer or e-reader. Winter is coming, we must knit. HATS!

Arkanoid by Woolly Wormhead
For an interesting blogpost about the colony, complete with photos of the many pieces of artwork found there, go see Susan Crawford's entry of 8/8/2013, Help Save Mutonia  on the blog Just Call Me Ruby.
Rubbish Mojitos by Woolly Wormhead
The location of the shoot is The Yard, Santarcangelo de Romagna, Italy. The models shown in the book are either friends or residents of the Mutonia colony. 

Encircle by Woolly Wormhead
Earlier this year, I participated in a Woolly Wormhead Mystery KAL. This is the Encircle hat, modeled by my daughter, Catherine. I enjoyed knitting the pattern, which has both written and charted directions, and I learned a number of new techniques. The pattern can be modified to create a beanie or a beret.
The details are intriguing, I have never done this stitch pattern before.
Have I persuaded you to join us in supporting this worthy cause? If you are interested in purchasing the pattern, click here and do your part to help a colony of creative people maintain the community they live and work in.


Cleo14 said…
what a great way to support artists, with our own art!
It's £9 not £7. Just thought I'd mention that.
Erin Mcdonald said…
Thanks!!!! I corrected it!
Inky077 said…
Thank you for the great post - I love Wooly Wormhead's patterns, they are exciting to knit and look really cool when finished! Heading over to Rav to purchase my copy. :)

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