In August, Away

Work table, Labor Day 2013
 Ok, I had promised myself I would not cast on anything else until I bound off a few things. I did finish my Bliss Shawl, it needs blocking, but it came out gorgeous. (More about this later in the week, on FO Friday).

Bliss by Amanda Lilley
As for the moratorium on casting on any new things... FAIL. Well, I broke the deal with myself.  I'm sorry, but the pull to buy the In August, Away pattern was too much. Bristol was celebrating her birthday with a coupon code and I succumbed. Then I went on a crazy, 8:30 on a Friday night delving into the stash.

Friday night, casting on......weekend knitting
Buying the pattern and starting this project was a reward of sorts. I have spent the past week plowing through mountains of paperwork, tallying up expenses, drafting budgets, and applying for a mortgage. A girl has to reward those kinds of efforts, true?

In August, Away by Bristol Ivy
I had seen this pattern in the past few weeks, in my Patterns Highlights on the Ravelry Pattern tab. I love Bristol's designs, I love that she is from Maine, and that her color and pattern sensibility is so damn enticing. I will make this again for sure, using some of Heather of Highland Handmades Butternut DK. (Butternut DK is what Bristol used when designing this cowl, but I need to do a special order from Heather) I just needed to cast on, so I used some Malabrigo Silky Merino from the stash. The color is Cumparsita and it is such a deep, rich red with shifts into burgundy and pinks. I know most people go to cookouts and the beach on Labor Day, but I am listening to a different drummer.....

I have been lulled by the knitting, and tonight, as I thought of how I wanted to share this enjoyment with you, I Googled Benjamin Britten. I discovered he was the composer of some hauntingly beautiful music from the movie Moonrise Kingdom. The lyrics in Songs from Friday Afternoons contain the title of Bristol's pattern. The sound of the children's voices, especially when they sing In August Away gives me a chill, so beautiful. I wonder at the links between the music, the movie and the muse that inspired Bristol to create this cowl. I love that there is such richness in something that I knit. It gives me a lot to think about.

Check this movie out, you won't be disappointed.
I have so many other thing to share with you, but I will leave you with this one knitterly thing and its component parts to ponder.


Carol said…
Such a nice post - did you go to Maine on vacation this Summer?

Alicia said…
I love cowls that play with lace in interesting ways, I have something along those lines in my design plans, too!

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