FO Friday, #157

Bliss Shawl by Amanda Lilley
I finished this a week ago but didn't have any good photos. The Bliss shawl pattern was released last month, I totally enjoyed making this project. I learned a number of new skills; I had never done a longtailed purl cast on before, and the work of twisted stitch and lace designs kept me captivated. It was a challenge in that I am not much of a read-ahead-of-directions knitter; I am learning this is not such a good thing. The shawl starts with the longtailed cast on in a purl stitch, over 300 stitches. This part was not a problem so much as were the mistakes I made that required me to rip and begin yet again. One strategy that I thought was helping me was to place a marker between each repeat. I discovered later, that the marker must move one step on the return row. I started and stopped a number of times....I am warning you of this, not because the pattern writing is flawed, not at all. It is because I got cocky and overzealous as I got underway and I ignored reading through the directions. (Has anyone noticed a trend? This happened in a project I wrote about on Wednesday.... =/ )

Detail of twisted stitch shells.
Pattern: Bliss Shawl by Amanda Lilley
Yarn:Two skeins Louet Gems Sport Weight in Pewter on size 5 needles
I want to send thanks and gratitude to Amanda, she seems to have a spy cam near my knitting chair.  I swear she sees me looking at her patterns as they are released and she just knows whenever I add them to my Favorites. I spotted this shawl in FB feed and I really liked the way she styled it. I shared it to a couple of my Knitting Groups and was rewarded for my fervor. Thank you again and again and again!

To my surprise and pleasure, Amanda sent this pattern to my Ravelry mailbox. I felt compelled to cast on ASAP. (I am weak, I always want to cast on all the beautiful things). It was a fairly quick knit, once I got underway. I intend to make this shawl again, it was that fun. And, more importantly, people look at it and marvel at how complicated it looks (Ok, yes they are Muggles, but I love their compliments nonetheless). Please consider this buying this pattern, it will keep you engaged and interested but it isn't so hard that you'll be flinging it into the timeout corner. I did do one modification, I ended with about ten rows of garter stitch to prevent the edge from curling. I also wanted to use up as much of the skein as possible, so it is a bit deeper that in the original.

As for the yarn, I ventured over to my LYS, Stitch House, because I have not a single skein of  sportweight in stash. I dare not tell you a falsehood, I truly did not have anything. I ended up going with the Louet mostly because of the color, I love this shade of grey and I think it will go with anything. I do strongly urge you to look for this yarn and consider using it. It was a little pricey at $15.00 per skein, but it highlights the stitch definition so much. The array of colors available will draw me in again. I would compare this yarn to Quince and Co in its round and plump twist. If I can't get my hands on Quince, this is the next best option.

If you are interested in seeing the FOs of other knitters, go to Tami's Amis and WonderWhyGal's Fiber Friday.


Alicia said…
Your little shawlette looks very elegant!
Una said…
What a pretty, elegant shawl.
Triona said…
Beautiful! I'm working with some Louet Gems Fingering on a project right now, and I agree that it's lovely.

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