FO Friday Finishing.All.The.Things

Pile 'o FOs
Disclaimer: While I have been busy knocking all of these projects off of my list, they did not hop off the needles in the past week. Maybe more like the past few weeks..... (I should have snapped the pile 'o empty needles...)

Here goes.

In August, Away. Detail view of lace.
In August, Away
In August, Away, pattern by Bristol Ivy
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino in colorway Cumparsita on size 5 and 6 needles.
I am a member of Bristol's Ravelry group and noticed this pattern when it was first released. I downloaded it and used some delicious Malabrigo in a gorgeous colorway called Cumparsita. The pattern taught me a number of new skills, mostly in chart reading but also in expanding the chart as the wedge of lace got larger. I am becoming more and more comfortable in using a chart over written directions.I do love how this cowl turned out and I do believe it may be the nicest thing I have ever knit.
The name of the pattern is from a cool movie by Wes Anderson called Moonrise Kingdom. I have mentioned it before in other posts, but if you haven't checked it out, and you like quirky movies, I would suggest you watch it. The soundtrack and cinematography are lovely; some of the film was shot in Westport MA. Click here to listen to In August, Away, the haunting tune of the same name as the cowl.
One point I'd like to make is that the designer used Butternut DK, a Highland Handmades fiber, to create this design. This is the indie line of hand dyed yarns made by Heather/BoutrosBabe of the FiberistaFiles podcast.

Ali Cowl in Lark
Ali Cowl worn as a scarf.
Ali Cowl in Lark, pattern by Amanda Lilley
Yarn: Quince and Co Lark, colorway Honey
I discovered this pattern as a gift in my Ravelry mailbox one day. I had seen it on Amanda's Facebook page the day she released it and liked it so much I shared it to a number of my groups. I was genuinely acting as a knitting enabler, as is my typical modus operendi. (If I can't knit all the things, then surely I can tempt others to cast on, right?) It is an easy knit and uses twisted stitch to create texture. I liked the ease of a 38 stitch row and I used a moveable stitch marker to gauge my daily progress. The yarn was great to work with and I love the stitch definition I got. I will definitely make this again and it makes for a nice showcase for unique buttons.


Spine detail of Askew
Askew blocked.
Askew by Lisa Mutch
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarn Firefly in red, needle size 4. (This was such a hard color to capture, sometimes it looks more like fuschia in the photos, but it is a deep red.)
I began this shawl in the summer months and it was my first experience working with linen. I enjoyed the pattern, but must admit, if I was spacey, I made mistakes in the central rib, and so I frequently unknit back to correct mistakes. The rib is such a focal point that I could not accept the mistakes as design features.
I will use this pattern again and I urge you to go and check out the many patterns that Lisa Mutch has designed. You are sure to find one you just have to make. She has an edgy design esthetic that I do love; she also sells yarn that she custom dyes at Northbound Knitting. As for the Firefly fiber. I liked knitting with it in the heat of the summer, it didn't feel sticky and I got good tension. When blocking, the yarn was easy enough to smooth and pull into the shape of the asymmetrical triangles.

For Good Hat
Crown wedges.
For Good Hat, by Megan Williams.
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, color 2423, lavender on size 6 needles.
I made this once before, but the second hat came out much better. I held the yarn doubled and so I got a dense fabric which will block the cold winds. The silly noodle knitter that I am found following the charts much easier this time around and my parallelograms were uniform with no flaws. It may have been because the first hat was knit in a darker color and errors were harder to notice.
The story behind the hat is an inspiring one. Megan designed and knit this as a tribute to her sister who passed recently. She donates proceeds from the sale of the pattern to a research group studying the effects of unsafe drugs on women's' health. Go here to read about Megan's inspiration for the design. Megan is one oft the hosts of the podcast Stockinette Zombies, give it a listen if you have not yet become hooked!

Adventures KAL Cowl
Adventures in Knitting: A Day in the Woods Cowl by Lee Meredith
Upper edge braid differs from lower edge.
Cowl from Adventures in Knitting, designer Lee Meredith
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted in Sunburst, Forest Greener Worsted in gold/olive on size 9 needles.
This was such a unique pattern and KAL that it defies description. Lee created a cool Mystery KAL and released to us a chapter each time. (The pattern was released in one format to allow you to fold and shape the chapters into a mini book, Lee also gives a tutorial on binding the chapters into a book). The concept of the book offers the knitter choices about what project to make and which stitch patterns to apply. The patterns are written in such a way that I learned many new techniques and finishes.
When you go and check the pattern out, please don't quake at the price tag, to me it was so worth the price of admission. The variety of items you can knit using the different combinations of stitches is grand. You can choose to knit a cup wrap, a pair of mitts, a hat, or a cowl. I do think this is a unique product as is the designer. She is someone to watch, a genius in her approach to tilting things and lending the knitter a new perspective. As for the knitting, the braid edge was constructed in a way that seemed like magic, the body of the cowl was my  toe tip into stranded knitting and I liked it. The inside looks pretty good for a first attempt. The wavy lines represent the ripples of the waterway path.

Welted Cowl in Big Dipper yarn
Welted Cowl, my design
Yarn: Stitch House Rooftop Yarns, Big Dipper on size 11 needles.
I spotted this thick/thin yarn while shopping at Stitch House and I fell for the cool shades of orange. I searched Ravelry for a good pattern to match the yarn, but my attempts did not do the yarn justice so I kept it simple and let the garter stitches showcase the color and texture. It was a very quick knit and would make for a great last minute gift.

Asticou Cowl
Asticou Cowl, by Elisha Cram
Yarn: Cascade yarns Casablanca on size 8 needles.
I discovered this designer as I listened to Heather of the FiberistaFiles podcast describe her experiences at Knit East, an event set along the coast of New Brunswick.  Elisha was just one of the folks Heather met and they live relatively close to each other in central Maine. Elisha has a number of patterns on her Ravelry page and I liked the slanting lace work of this pattern.

And lastly, I hope this won't confuse anyone... it is totally unrelated to knitting.... I walked past the carousel on the Rose Kennedy Greenway this weekend and snapped two of my favorite animals. Stupendous!

How brave does a tyke needs to be to climb aboard, eh?


unionjgirl said…
I think maybe you like cowls ; ) I love the idea of the kind of 'choose your own adventure' pattern!
elns said…
You weren't kidding about that "pile of FOs". Sheesh! I love the lace detail of August, Away. Lovely pieces.
Lily Razz said…
Oh! Love all your FO's! And there are a lot of them! And what a cool carousel, loved that you included those pictures in your post!

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